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Water Aerobics: What Are the Benefits & How Often to Do It?

There are many benefits of water aerobics, and not everybody is familiar with all of them. For example, water aerobics is an excellent weight loss method that remains gentle for your body while helping you become fit and toned. Also, water aerobics is an excellent workout for seniors, especially if you choose suitable water aerobics exercises

However, be mindful that you will only reap all water aerobics has to offer if you choose a good spot for water aerobics in Vacaville, CA. But, let’s first see why some consider water aerobics superior to regular aerobics and learn about its many advantages. 

is water aerobics better than regular aerobics

Is water aerobics better than regular aerobics?

Water aerobics and standard aerobics are two different exercising methods that each have their merits. That is why it’s difficult to speak in terms of which one of these workout techniques is better than the other. 

However, it is worth noting that water aerobics is superior to regular aerobics in several aspects that some individuals might find vital for their exercising needs and desires. For them, water aerobics could prove to be a better alternative to regular aerobics. 

For example, water aerobics is better for body toning, skeleton building, and improving balance and coordination. Also, the low-impact nature of water aerobics makes this exercising method perfect for pregnant women looking to keep fit during pregnancy. 

What are the benefits of water aerobics?

Water aerobics is a form of exercise that carries many benefits. It is these numerous advantages, primarily connected to your health, that make this a frequent workout choice for many. Let’s take a look at the biggest benefits of water aerobics:

  1. Muscles strength: Water provides additional resistance during exercising, helping gain muscle strength more quickly.
  2. Endurance: Water resistance is a natural type of resistance that helps you build endurance by straining through water.
  3. Flexibility: The natural resistance of water also allows you to increase the range of motion of your joint and improve your overall flexibility. 
  4. Low-impact nature: Regular exercising can place significant impact on your joint, while working out in water helps alleviate most of that pressure, making water aerobics gentle.
  5. Joint pressure: Water aerobics is the best form of exercise if you’re suffering from any joint problems, as it alleviates pressure from your joints.
  6. Stress and anxiety: Water aerobics is a very soothing workout method that helps relieve you from stress and anxiety.
  7. Calories: Water resistance, mixed with cardio workouts and strength training, will help you burn plenty of calories.
  8. Blood pressure: Water pressure helps your body circulate blood more effectively, thus helping reduce blood pressure.
  9. Cooling: Exercising in water helps keep your body cool, especially during warm summer months. 

How often should you do water aerobics?

If you’re looking to yield maximum results, it’s best to do water aerobics five times a week. Water aerobics is completely low-impact, so there’s no need to worry about injuries as long as you take it slow and steady. 

Also, five sessions of water aerobics a week allow your body to rest and relax between your classes, which is important to completely minimize any risk of straining your body too much. Any more than five times is also OK, but there is no need for it. 

What is the best gym for water aerobics in Vacaville, CA?

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