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How Water Aerobics Helps With Weight Loss & Body Toning

Water aerobics can help you lose weight and tone your body. This is only one of the numerous benefits water aerobics provides, especially if you find a place that organizes excellent water aerobics workout in Vacaville. With trained professionals guiding you and teaching you some of the best water aerobic exercises, you will start seeing results soon.

Water aerobics is also a suitable workout method for senior citizens, as it is very gentle to the joints and provides gentle water resistance to all your movements. Now, let’s take a look at how water aerobics help with weight loss and body toning. 

Can you lose weight with water aerobics?

The single biggest misconception people have about water aerobics is that it is a simple leisurely activity that does very little to foster weight loss. However, the truth is quite different, and water aerobics is an excellent exercising method for weight loss. 

A low-intensity average pool workout that lasts for 30 minutes can help you lose more than 300 calories. If you’re looking for an improved weight loss capacity, you can always increase the duration of water aerobics and bump up the intensity, modifying it to suit your needs.

Also, the tempo of losing weight is influenced by the specific exercise you do in the pool during your water aerobics class. Here are the six best water aerobics exercises that foster weight loss:

  • Spiderman: This exercise helps you provide a challenge for your back and core muscles, facilitating weight loss. 
  • Pool plank: Planks are excellent for core strength, and they can also improve your endurance and help you lose weight faster.
  • Chaos cardio: Running through currents in the swimming pool will strengthen leg and core muscles, as well as improve posture and burn calories.
  • One-legged balance: This exercise is perfect for making your leg muscles and core muscles stronger, improving your balance, and burning your calories.
  • Fly-backs: This pool exercise improves posture and strengthens your arm, back, and upper chest muscles. 
  • Resistance/cardio combo: This is a great way to strengthen your core, arms, back, and upper chest, as well as raise your heart rate for a boosted calorie burn.

However, it’s also a good idea to consult a Personal Trainer that will show you how to properly do all of these exercises. Only by correctly exercising in water can you ensure your efforts will yield the desired results. 

Can water aerobics tone your body?

Yes, water aerobics is also a good workout technique for toning your entire body. Exercising while in water while adding natural water resistance to every movement you make will help you tone your body. 

Although water aerobics is a gentle form of exercising, it helps build muscle mass and fosters muscle toning by introducing water resistance into the equation. Couple this with specially-designed equipment such as Kettlebells, clutch paddles, push plates, or washboards, and you have a winning toning combination. 

Who provides the best water aerobics workout in Vacaville?

Water aerobics is a great low-impact method for losing weight and toning your entire body. However, you need to find a place in Vacaville that provides high-quality water aerobics classes in order to see the results you’re hoping to achieve. That is why you should turn to Maximum Fitness Vacaville, the leading water aerobics spot in the entire area.

We organize excellent water aerobics classes that will help you tone your body and lose weight while not placing too much pressure on your joints. Our expert trainers are there to show you how to do all the exercises correctly and maximize all your efforts. We’re not far from Trower Park, in downtown Vacaville, and you should easily find us once the pandemic ends. Until then, we’re temporarily closed, but looking forward to opening our gym again and seeing people thrive.