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Veteran and Locally Owned

Maximum Fitness Vacaville is an independently owned gym in Vacaville, serving our community for over 24 years. Guided by our core purpose of helping members improve their lives, our philosophy has helped thousands of individuals achieve life-changing results.

We believe fitness is about more than just equipment and putting time in at the gym. Exercise, community, and self-care can greatly improve our lives as a whole. Whatever your goals are, Give Life The Max means doing just that.

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More than a gym:
A true hub of fitness, motivation and innovation

Get top perks with us

  • Certified trainers
  • Downtown location
  • Community atmosphere
  • Exceptional customer care

Diverse programs at our athletic club in Vacaville

 Vacaville gym


Innovative training methods, advanced gym equipment, and a pleasant environment await you at our center. Get everything you need to turn fat into fit at our first-rate gym!

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Personal training vacaville

Personal training

Join our personal training programs and get all the guidance and assistance you need to get fit & strong. Our personal trainers are here to adjust their approach to YOUR needs!

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Aqua fitness classes vacaville


Reap all the perks of water exercise at our heated pool. Join our aquatics plan no matter your age and pick a time at your convenience. Swim with us with complete security!

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Enjoy a fitness experience designed just for you

Join our local gym and health club in Vacaville and transform your body and your life! No other gym in the area can offer membership benefits like ours, so take full advantage of them on your road to fitness perfection. Gain access to a list of carefully customized programs, top-of-the-line equipment, and even some unexpected amenities. Take full advantage of these perks at our world-class facilities that exude an atmosphere of community and support.

Discover how easy it is to get fit at MaxFit!

  • Indoor heated pool
  • An array of fitness classes
  • A great selection of equipment
  • Kids’ fun and safe play area
  • Hypoxic (high altitude) exercise room

Put your fitness in our hands: we always deliver

What makes us one of the best and most popular gyms in Vacaville, CA is our professional, highly qualified team. Sign up for one of our diverse training programs and get an opportunity to not only improve yourself, but also work with the leading instructors in the area.

Our fitness experts are qualified, educated, and experienced, having worked with individuals of different ages and physical capabilities. They can identify the core areas you need to work on, help you set your personal objectives, and make sure you achieve them. Fitness perfection is just around the corner with us - let us show you the way!

Pick our health club in Vacaville with a holistic approach to training

Here at Maximum Fitness, we go to great lengths to determine what works for you. To achieve this, we will start off by performing a thorough assessment of your current fitness levels. This way, we’ll be able to suggest a routine that will meet your needs.

In addition, we will conduct medical and structural evaluations, as well as circumference measurements and body fat analysis. Our cutting-edge technology allows us to gather as much information about your physical condition and fitness in general. Your health always comes first!

Achieve success with fully personalized care

When looking for trusted Vacaville gyms, one of the crucial factors to consider is your personal goals. This comes easy with MaxFit because our team is here to provide you with tailored fitness plans and completely personalized care every step of the way. How do we do this? It’s more than simple! Set and evaluate your goals through a detailed assessment with our help. Let’s determine what your priorities are and work together toward realizing them. Don’t go through your physical transformation alone - rely on us to help you on this journey!

Reach your fitness potential with ease

Whether you’re trying to shed a few pounds, tone your muscles, or get ready for an athletic competition, get all the help and equipment you need at our Vacaville health club and fitness center. Each and every one of our team members wants to help you reach your desired level of fitness and enhance your general sense of well-being. We know that starting or getting back to a fitness routine is far from easy. So, we’re here to make it as effortless and enjoyable as possible. Let us put you on the road to success. Visit us today!

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