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We bring you the best swimming lessons for kids

At Maximum Fitness, we cater to swimmers of all ages, including the youngest residents. If you’re looking for experienced instructors for swimming classes for kids in Vacaville, just take your child to our state-of-the-art heated pool and choose a swimming program that suits you the best. 

That’s not all! You are also sure to love our Kids Klub where your little one can play in a safe area equipped with a wide array of kids’ activities after their swim lesson or while you’re enjoying your own aquatic exercise class.

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Enjoy stellar water aerobics

At Maximum Fitness, we strive to help our neighbors stay in perfect health with ease by providing them with top-of-the-line senior water aerobics. Our knowledgeable instructors approach each individual with the utmost care and dedication, making sure that their aquatic classes bring them the most benefits.

They do so by carefully examining your health via a series of evaluations and medical assessments, as well as by taking into consideration your health condition and any injuries you may have had. At Maximum Fitness, nothing is ever left to chance.

personalized aqua fitness classes in vacaville, ca
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  • Swim lessons offered Sunday through Friday, morning and afternoons
  • Ages 3 and up, potty trained
  • Group Lesson 3 children per class
  • Classes 30 minutes long
  • You pay month to month.
  • We have a high volume of lessons, you might need to be added to the waiting list. We will get you into lessons as soon as we get an opening.


  • Ages 5 and Up
  • Practices offered Sunday through Friday, afternoons and evenings
  • You pick how many days a week you want to come.
  • You pay month to month
  • Practices are 30 minutes
  • We can set up a free swim team assessment to see if your child is ready!
We bring you enjoyable swimming lessons for kids


We offer a youth swim team Sunday through Friday. You are welcome to choose how many days a week you would like to participate. We offer four skill levels of swim team with options of 30 min and 1-hour classes. All children are placed according to their abilities. We are a pre-competitive team where we offer pre-competitive swim meets two and three times a year.

You can enjoy Vacaville pool hours Sunday through Friday, mornings, afternoons and evenings. Classes are 30 minutes, 3 children per class maximum. Most parents choose to meet with us once a week, some twice. We schedule classes around your schedule. You pay month to month through EFT. (Electronic Fund Transfer)

We offer swim team Sunday through Friday, mornings and afternoons. Practices are 30 minutes or 1 hour depending on the group level.10 Children max per group, you can swim once, twice or three times a week. You pick what days to practice. You pay month to month through EFT.


Classes are 30 minutes long, 3 children max per class. No parent participation required. You meet with your instructor once or twice a week. We schedule the lessons around your schedule.

Private Lessons:

Adult swimming classes are 30 minutes long. We schedule the lessons around your schedule.

For swim lesson inquiries, email the Aquatics Director @

Lap Swim Schedule by Cassandra Lowe

If there are swim lessons in season, they have priority over the lanes. Small children require special accommodation.
Above is the MEMBER USE SCHEDULE for the Lap Swim Pool Lanes. No Lane Reservation Required.


What is the best age to teach a child how to swim?

There is no universal answer to this question. However, most trainers agree that formal swimming classes for kids should start when they’re about 3 - 5. The reason is that, at this age, kids have enough physical coordination and cognitive skills to follow instructions, making them capable of learning the basics of swimming safely and effectively.

Is Aqua Fitness a good workout?

It’s not only good - it’s phenomenal! Aqua Fitness carries a whole range of benefits, including:

  • Pool exercises incorporate water aerobic workouts, strength training, and stretching for an all-around positive impact on your body.
  • Water provides resistance to movement, which helps build strength, endurance, and flexibility.
  • Water reduces the impact on joints, making it excellent for individuals with joint problems or those who are recovering from an injury.
  • Aqua Fitness is suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels.
  • Above all, exercises in the pool are super fun!
Can I lose weight with water aerobics?

Absolutely! Our water aerobic workouts in Vacaville are a proven effective way to lose body weight. Not only do pool exercises burn calories - they also help improve heart health, tone muscles, and boost metabolism. Combine water aerobics with a balanced diet and you’ll have a regimen that will enhance your overall health and fitness by a margin!

How long should I exercise in the pool?

The duration of your pool exercises should be determined by factoring in your current fitness level and desired results. A general rule of thumb is to start with shorter sessions (15 minutes give or take) if you’re just beginning and to gradually increase the duration as you progress. Ultimately, the best and safest way to approach pool exercises is with the help of a qualified specialist for either water aerobic workouts or Aqua Fitness in Vacaville.

Where to go for effective Aqua Fitness classes near me in Vacaville, CA?

Maximum Fitness is officially the top place for water aerobics and swimming classes for kids in Vacaville and the entire Solano County - and it has been so for 15+ years. Our qualified instructors have extensive experience working with individuals of all ages and fitness levels, and are wholeheartedly committed to seeing you achieve your goals.

Apart from water aerobic workouts, we offer a wide range of versatile classes, including effective personal training sessions where you get guided workouts at our well-equipped gym.

Whether you have your mind set on losing weight, improving your endurance, or maximizing your flexibility, rest assured that with us, you’ll have the empowerment you need to succeed. Reach out to us today and let’s get started!