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Are you tired of your old workout routines? Would you like to join a group of like-minded individuals driven by the same goals? Have you decided to achieve the fitness levels you’ve always wanted? Then, you’ll love our diverse and carefully planned programs at Maximum Fitness.

Our experienced instructors are hand-picked and we only pick the very best. Join one of our many programs and feel the energy in our TRX, Zumba, or Body Pump classes. We also have the best Group X programs and there are many to choose from all week long. Visit us today!

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Test your limits in our total-body TRX classes

Bring your workout routine to a new level in our challenging and energizing TRX sessions in Vacaville. This type of exercise provides world-class training to anyone ready to spice up their routine and conquer new challenges. Trusted by professional athletes, trainers, and even beginners, TRX is a total body workout that will help you achieve optimal results. 

Discover what TRX can do for you

As a type of suspension training that includes all the foundational body movements, TRX will put your body and your mind to the test. It will help you enhance your core and overall strength, improve your balance and stability, and boost your flexibility. Here at our advanced local gym and fitness center in Vacaville, you’ll have an opportunity to participate in well-devised TRX training adjusted to your skill level. Nonetheless, we’ll help you make the most of your training, by covering all the basics. Master the 10 key movements with ease right here with us!

TRX training workout with superior equipment in Vacaville

Here at Maximum Fitness, we boast professionally equipped facilities that will ensure you get the best TRX workout each and every time. Our TRX equipment enables you to engage in bodyweight exercises for a high level of resistance. Don’t worry if you’ve just started this type of workout and have no idea how to use the equipment. Our experienced team of trainers will always be by your side to show you how to use it properly and attain the correct form. Start your TRX the right way - join Maximum Fitness today!

Conquer your TRX challenges risk-free

Since TRX exercises were invented by a Navy SEAL, you can only imagine what kind of determination and preparedness they require. However, this becomes easy with us! We are here to help you follow a well-defined and carefully planned TRX routine. Most importantly, rest assured we’ll minimize the risk of injury by providing you with guidance and assistance every step of the way. Join the #1 TRX strength workout in Vacaville & discover a new way of getting fit!

Join high-result step aerobics

Step aerobics is a cardiovascular and lower body toning workout using the bench step. We keep it enjoyable, diverse, and fun by updating our step aerobics classes at regular intervals. Choreography changes every few weeks to keep your brain and body challenged during the workout. All levels of fitness are welcome, so feel free to stop by at any time! 

Reward your body with our step aerobics

What makes our step aerobics classes so appealing and enjoyable is the fact that they offer an array of health benefits, yet they are truly gentle to your body. You don’t have to worry about putting too much stress and pressure on your joints or engaging in uncomfortable positions. Instead, you get to move in a safe, gentle, yet energizing way, working on major muscle groups. Start your body transformation without any stress and discover how easy it is to get fit, healthy, and strong. 

Our step aerobics routine offers many perks 

Although this is a gentle, low-impact form of training, step aerobics still offers benefits that you can obtain from high-intensity workouts. Once you sign up for our step aerobics in Vacaville, you’ll be able to work on all of your fitness objectives. Do you want to lose a few pounds? Would you like to tone your muscles and increase your strength? Are you ready to do so in a group of positive, motivated people accompanied by the leading instructors in the area? Then MaxFit is the place to be!

Get ready to step up your game

As one of Vacaville’s foremost health clubs, we strive to optimize our programs in a way that offers our participants maximum benefits. This means that your step aerobics training will always incorporate all the important basics, include varied exercises that will help you improve your posture and form, and make exercising fun and exciting. Your routine will require you to engage in an array of step exercises and movements, each one offering a specific set of benefits. Join classes led by some of the best trainers around and see for yourself how effective step aerobics can actually be!

Join our Zumba party & get fit along the way

Zumba is a fusion of Latin and international music combined with aerobic dance movements that tone and sculpt the body. Please wear shoes that allow you to pivot, twist, and shake and get ready for some serious fun! Our Zumba classes are a perfect combination of fitness and excitement, bringing all the participants together for a total-body workout. 

We make working out feel like a night out

Maximum Fitness is one of the most popular gyms and health clubs in Vacaville for a reason. We’ve found a way to make exercising fun and exhilarating by offering enchanting Zumba classes in Vacaville. So, if you’re tired of traditional workout routines and want to try something you will really enjoy, our Zumba lessons will delight you. There’s nothing like achieving your fitness goals without feeling the burden of a tedious workout routine. Be enthusiastic about getting fit once again - let Zumba take you over!

Zumba: a workout that makes a difference

It’s easy to get fit, strong, and healthy once you discover Zumba. This type of exercise combines the perks of both high- and low-intensity routines by engaging you in total-body sessions. This invigorating dance will melt your pounds away, work all the muscles, increase your endurance levels, and boost your overall health. What’s more, you’ll get closer to other participants, relieve stress, and improve your everyday life. Our classes are suitable for both beginners and advanced dancers, so don’t hesitate to join!

Feel the Zumba rhythms at our health club

Get ready for the Zumba vibe accompanied by some of the most stimulating sounds of Latin and international music. After joining our Zumba training at our gym in Vacaville, you’ll always look forward to your next class because each one will be as exciting and enjoyable. Our Zumba trainers will show you all the dance moves while giving you enough freedom to experiment on your own. Join a group of other dancers who recognize the charms and perks that Zumba brings.

Dive into our water aerobics classes

The water is a wonderful environment to burn calories, improve cardiovascular fitness, and tone up with less joint impact. Expect a moderate workout that includes exercises to improve muscle tone, posture, core strength, and joint mobility. Our classes provide a sense of belonging and promote mutual respect. Buoys, flotation belts, and water noodles are supplied - your safety comes first! 

Take the plunge & see it pay off

Here at MaxFit, we bring you world-class water aerobics classes near your location, specifically designed to improve your fitness and health without putting too much stress on your body. This type of workout is suitable for participants of all fitness levels, which means that there’s nothing stopping you from joining our lovely classes. Why should you? Well, let’s just mention a few reasons: boosted endurance, weight loss, increased strength, enhanced flexibility, yet no stress on your joints. Sounds good enough? Then, dive in!

Rely on our instructors with confidence

Whether you’ve experienced some kind of injury or have a health condition, rest easy knowing that our experienced trainers will guide you through your water aerobics classes safely. Even though water aerobics is a group type of activity, our instructors will provide you with the required attention and ensure your complete safety. We take your physical condition into consideration and always make sure that our classes are adjusted to your fitness level. Water exercises have never been more relaxing thanks to our first-in-class team in Vacaville!

Diverse aquatic activities that suit YOU

Here at Maximum Fitness, we’re proud to say that we have something for everyone. Our water training provides you with an opportunity to engage in varied water aerobics classes that provide a low impact experience on your joints and muscles. Your group will provide you with motivation and support and your instructor will be there for any questions. Improving your health is easy when you have the guidance you need. Let’s start today!

Refine your swimming skills with zero hassle

Maximum Fitness offers several swimming programs for all abilities and ages. Our swim lessons are the best in Vacaville and the rest of Solano County and we’ll be more than glad to prove it. Join us for a swim at any time because our swimming classes are available year-round, Monday through Saturday (thanks to our indoor heated pool!). Swim away your thoughts & relax over the soothing sounds of water! 

Swimming lessons in Vacaville for adults & kids alike

Do you want to teach your children how to swim from an early age? Would you like to join our mommy and me classes? Are you thinking of improving your own swimming skills? You can do it all in one place - our MaxFit health center. Browse through our long list of swimming programs in Vacaville and find one that meets your needs. Either way, rest assured that all of our swim lessons are designed to meet the highest standards, cover all the basics, and ensure you swim with absolute confidence!

Safety is never an issue with us

Whether it comes to swimming lessons for kids or adults, we always take the necessary steps to ensure the highest safety levels. Don’t spend a minute worrying about your little ones because we never let children enter the pool unsupervised. Adults who aren’t confident swimmers have nothing to worry about either. Each of our lessons are devised with care and our practitioners in mind. Additionally, our swimming coaches have excellent track records and are always attentive to your needs. Schedule your swimming sessions at your convenience! 

Enjoy our world-class pool to the fullest

There’s no doubt that we boast one of the finest swimming pools in the area. You can enjoy it at any time because we’re open for business throughout the year. How come? Our exceptionally designed pool is heated, guaranteeing a lovely swimming experience regardless of the season and weather conditions. It also boasts a pleasant atmosphere and a safe environment in addition to numerous amenities. Come & see for yourself!

Find your center by embracing yoga

Strengthen, stretch and relax with yoga-inspired program fit for all levels of fitness in Vacaville. Our yoga classes follow the Hatha Yoga style. This type of yoga will present you with opportunities for both relaxation and body transformation, enabling you to take the best of both worlds. Both standing and seated poses are incorporated to give you a balanced workout having you leave feeling refreshed and energized! 

Treat your body & mind to our yoga classes in Vacaville

Yoga is an enriching practice that goes beyond mere fitness. It’s a way of life that teaches you to listen to yourself, find inner peace, and be at peace with yourself and others. Here at Maximum Fitness, our yoga program is designed to provide you with both physical and mental benefits, helping you achieve personal growth through a variety of proven techniques. Start your yoga journey at our health club & become mindful of the world around you!

Life-changing yoga based on a holistic approach 

Here at MaxFit, you’re able to enroll in our soothing, yet energizing yoga sessions that will turn your life around. Forget about muscle or back pain, say goodbye to stress and anxiety, and welcome tranquility and serenity into your life. Our yoga program will help you acquire all these benefits and more, including a substantially greater level of flexibility, muscle tone and strength, weight loss and control, cardiovascular health, and others!

Regardless of whether you have experience in yoga practice or not, our trained and qualified instructors are ready to do everything in their power to convey the true meaning of yoga.  

Let yoga inspire your workout

Deciding to take up yoga is a decision to take your self-growth to a higher level. This type of physical activity may seem gentle, but it will actually test your physical abilities while simultaneously requiring you to do one simple thing - be present. Yet, you will soon discover that yoga is far more than a plain stretching activity that teaches you how to breathe properly. Join our yoga classes and master the important body postures also called asanas. Our instructors will be your mentors and offer guided yoga sessions that incorporate meditation, stretching, and assuming different positions. Turn MaxFit into your personal yoga studio!

Senior-friendly routines for an enriched life

We realize that staying fit, at any age, is a vital component in reducing the incidence of illness and helping improve the quality and productivity of your life. We are uniquely qualified to serve this need by providing energetic, friendly, and diverse senior workout programs in Vacaville for our senior community. Don’t let your age stop you from achieving fitness excellence! 

Age with grace at our health & fitness center

Sign up for one of our senior-focused programs and see that it’s never too late to be your best self! Exercise is extremely important for seniors because it helps them stay in shape, retain their confidence, and minimize risks of various health issues. By exercising on a regular basis, you will be able to age better and improve your life in general. Sounds easy, right? That’s because we make it easy! Our expert trainers have vast experience working with senior citizens and can identify your exact needs. They will then tailor your workout program and help you get back in shape! 

Workouts for seniors with a personal trainer

Have you decided to get back in the game, but feel that you need more attention? You can get both a highly beneficial routine and all the care and support you need right here in Vacaville. In addition to engaging group workouts, we also offer five-star personal training for seniors in the area.

With the assistance of our training professionals, you’ll be able to overcome your physical challenges and improve your overall health and well-being. Our personal trainers will adjust your fitness routine and diet plan, take all the safety precautions, provide you with clear instructions, and focus on your needs. Achieve the desired results with the help of the best training pros around!

Our senior classes have real-life implications

As soon as you start working out with our second-to-none instructors and use everything our group classes have to offer, you’ll notice a major change in your everyday life. From walking a long distance to performing some general tasks, everything will seem less difficult when you have the energy and strength to do it. Don’t let your age limit your possibilities - join us today!

It's time to get Strong & Lean!

Are you ready to get your blood pumping? Then Muscle Madness is just what you need! Muscle Madness™ is a lightweight barbell resistance workout that targets all major muscle groups. Some of its numerous benefits include increased core strength and improved bone health. Get lean and toned, and shape your entire body without getting bulky muscles. Of course, you can count on us to lead the way! 

BodyPump workout in Vacaville with a whole-body effect

As one of the most effective total-body workouts, BodyPump will force you to use all major muscles and help you achieve a whole new level of endurance and strength. This type of training mainly focuses on performing a great number of repetitions during a single 60-minute session. Yet, thanks to the expertise and experience of our trainers, our BodyPump routines are nothing but safe and designed to the highest norms. Get fit & strong quickly because, with us, there’s no time to waste!

Customized sessions that follow the original concept

Although we always strive to tailor our training sessions to each group and participant, we still follow the original idea of Les Mills BodyPump workout, bringing it to our neighbors in Vacaville. In general, our classes involve workouts on different gym equipment with a high number of reps. This brings you some of the greatest benefits such as quick calorie burn, consistent muscle and strength growth, and outstanding muscle endurance. All of this comes with challenges that will force you to push your limits, conquer them, and build a healthy sense of self-esteem. We’re here to ensure this!

We follow your pace

When it comes to challenging workouts, it’s easy to feel discouraged and give up if you cannot keep up with the rest of the group or follow your instructor. This won’t happen with us because we’ll make sure you can keep up every step of the way. We’ll pair you with individuals of similar physical abilities and always make sure your workout is demanding, but not too difficult. What's more, if you’re new to BodyPump, our coaches will be more than glad to give you a short intro. Let’s do it together!

Total convenience with our Fitness On Demand

Maximum Fitness is proud to have Fitness On Demand, videos that guide you through group workouts, but on your time and schedule. FOD classes are great for members with work or personal obligations that don’t coordinate with our regular live instructor-led schedule. We bring you the professional assistance you need, yet you get to enjoy it from the comfort of your own home! 

Don’t sacrifice health & fitness because of a busy schedule

Instead, rely on your #1 fitness team in Vacaville to help you focus on yourself without neglecting your obligations. Our Fitness On Demand has our busy clients in mind, allowing them to participate in our group classes in their own homes. You will still get the recommended amount of exercise without losing time in traffic. We know that balancing work and personal life is not only difficult but also stressful. So, we’ve decided to bring you the perfect solution - our fitness videos. Just press play and start working out with complete focus!

Use our video guides to your advantage

Our Fitness On Demand can benefit anyone who wants to improve their home workouts. Eliminate all possible distractions and set aside some time to focus on your health and well-being. You get everything you would in one of our group classes, including expert-level assistance from our training instructors. Most importantly, you’re welcome to join our community at any time!

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