Hypoxy Chamber

High Altitude Training at Maximum Fitness

Maximum Fitness is your Ultimate Fitness partner, devoted to providing you with the latest in fitness technology! 

For those looking to train in an environment that will push you to your maximum, we have Solano County’s only Hypoxy Chamber! It's a low oxygen environment that simulates 9,000 feet (think higher than Tahoe.)

Training in a Hypoxy Chamber

1. Your body begins to work efficiently:

When you train in the hypoxic room at Maximum Fitness, you train your body to process red blood cells more efficiently. This translates to more stamina and increased efficiencies of your muscles.

2. Boosts red blood cell count:

Low oxygen environments help your body create more red blood cells and use them more efficiently.  Then, when you play ball, run track, wrestle or just exercise at normal elevations, your body has an advantage over others who do not train at high altitude.

3. It even helped one of our members climb Mt. Everest

Check out the hypoxic training room at Maximum Fitness.  It speeds up your workout, builds stamina and helps you get the edge you need!