Nutrition Tips To Help Weight Loss

Maximum Fitness Vacaville wants to help with your Summer Weight Loss. There are plenty of food fads, trends and gimmicks that make seemingly absurd claims to boost health, lose weight, clear skin, etc. … While many of those are claims are just plain silly (if not completely dangerous), there are a few tricks that may actually work. Here, we’ll sort through a few of these rare nutrition tricks that can be backed up by science:

1. Drink water before meals

Simply drinking two cups of cold water before your main meals can help exacerbate weight-loss efforts due to two factors. First, 16 ounces of water can potentially ramp up metabolism which helps process the upcoming meal more efficiently. Second, the amount helps to create a full sensation which limits the amount of food you’re apt to consume. When it comes to drinking warm or cold water, try a mix of both. Cold water rehydrates the body better and, for athletes who sweat often, this is key for boosting recovery. Warm water can improve blood flow and help promote a good digestive environment.

2. Drink A Maximum Fitness High Protein Smoothie Shake!

Enjoy one of our fresh-fruit, hand-made, high protein shakes. Downing protein powder and water is actually a good way to stave off cravings and build lean tissue. Protein helps keep the body satisfied longer and muscles are able to better utilize protein when it comes in smaller doses throughout the day.

Protein Benefits:

  • Proper balance necessary for muscle growth and repair.  
  • Promotes weight loss by boosting metabolism and controlling natural hunger.

You'll see all kinds of people consuming protein smoothies at the club. Try one and taste for yourself!

3. Easy Food Tricks

Athletes rely on good staple foods and tend to grab bananas, nut butter, eggs and oatmeal on a daily basis. Make your favorite fitness foods easier to consume by following these tricks:

  • Bananas: To keep your bananas from browning too quickly, wrap the stem in foil or plastic wrap.
  • Eggs: Stop struggling with removing eggshells from your hard or soft-boiled eggs by adding a splash of vinegar to the boiling water.
  • Nut butter: To avoid stirring that natural nut butter for days, simply store it upside down.
  • Oatmeal: Instead of making oatmeal each morning, bake a batch (with plenty of fruit, nuts and seeds) in a muffin tin for perfect on-the-go portions.

4. Be Realistic

Sure, it would be amazing to cut sugar from your diet, crush a marathon with minimal training or cure cancer. But if any of those things aren’t actually realistic within your means or current lifestyle, it’s likely too much to take on — and setting yourself up to fail is never a good start. Another point is that when your goals are so lofty and big, they might not even be right for you in the end.

5. Measure Success

Staying motivated depends on your ability to track progress by using specific metrics appropriate for your goal. If you’re trying to lose weight, the number on the scale is something to track, same with logging meals. However, if your goal is more broad, such as improving body composition, you might look at body fat percentage, measurements, clothes size and a host of other metrics to gauge progress. For non-weight related goals, there are a plethora of ways to see how well you’re doing. Apps can track phone use, budget and time management. Fit trackers can count steps, record sleep and some even provide a daily stress score.

Whatever your goal, choose an appropriate way to track progress, start measuring and set mini goals to frequently check in on.

6. Stick It Out

Keep in mind: Long-term goals ebb and flow, and there will be setbacks. Even if progress seems slow, you’ll get more out of your resolution by taking the tough days in stride and returning to your action plan as soon as you can. Not reaching your mini-goal on the day you set for it doesn’t mean you can’t make progress toward it, and is not a reason to give up on your New Year’s resolution entirely.

Whatever your 2019 resolutions may be, these tips will help you make actionable steps toward reaching your goals. Above all, pick a goal that makes you happy and motivated and start taking action as soon as you can.