How to Achieve Your Fitness Goals

It’s not always easy to achieve your fitness goals without a personal trainer in Vacaville, CA. Sometimes you just plateau, and you can’t seem to progress further. This is when you should start thinking about why hiring a personal trainer is a good option for you.

If you choose a personal trainer that possesses all the necessary qualities, you’ll start thriving again. There are numerous ways in which personal trainers help you fulfill your fitness objectives. 

What’s more, even consulting a personal trainer online can be of great help, especially during these times when staying fit at home is of great importance for your health. 

What are the most common fitness goals?

Different people decide to exercise for different reasons. Our bodies are not the same, our fitness aims distinct, and we all operate in various ways. This is why many people decide to hire a personal trainer to help them do what they’ve set out to do.

However, as different as we all are, there are some fitness goals that appear quite often, that are the same or similar for many people. Let’s see what those common fitness aims are:

What are the most common fitness goals
  • Shedding fat – The single most common goal of the people who decide to start exercising is their desire to lose fat. In addition to working out, you should also seek advice about modifying your eating habits, reducing caloric intake, and reducing carbs.
  • Building muscles – Some people don’t have a weight problem. Instead, they want to build muscle in order to look and feel better. This involves plenty of hard lifts, long sessions, and an increased intake of proteins. Consulting a personal trainer is the best option when trying to build muscles.
  • Improving endurance – Other people get winded as they take a couple of flights of stairs. This motivates them to start working out and improve their endurance. 20-30 minute high-intensity intervals are perfect for this, especially if you use steppers or rowers. Increase your heart rate, and keep at it.


  • Increasing flexibility – If you’re looking to improve flexibility, you should first consult a personal trainer. They will evaluate, and help you move on from there. However, you can still do some PNF and static stretches, but be careful not to overdo it and don’t stretch through the pain. 
  • Toning – Finally, some people just want to tone their bodies. They do not want to overdo it with building muscles, and they don’t have a problem with some much fat. This also requires exercising and modifying your eating habits. While a toned body sounds easier to attain than, for example, a muscular one, it still requires you to put in a lot of effort.

Whatever your goal is, make sure you're working out in suitable workout clothes which do not restrict your movements and help your skin breathe.

How to achieve my fitness goals?

Setting your goals is one thing, achieving them is another. If you’re looking for the best and easiest way to do that – there isn’t one. A personal trainer can greatly help you in the process, but it’s still you who has to put in the hours and the effort. 

However, there are ways to structure your exercise routines. This is exactly what the following 7 steps are designed to do:

How to achieve my fitness goals
  • Set long-term goals – First, set the goals you’re striving towards, be it losing fat, getting a muscular body, or improving your endurance. Aim high, but try to be realistic too.  Your Personal Trainer is a great resource to help you do this correctly.
  • Set short-term goals – Now that you know what you wish to achieve, you have to set monthly or weekly goals to create an atmosphere of success, and to be able to monitor your own progress better.  Your Personal Trainer will help with this as well.
  • Measure your progress – Speaking of progress, find a way to measure it. Yes, you can always stand on a scale and measure your weight. But measuring your progress means paying close attention to fulfilling those short-term goals and making sure you’re not slacking.  Maximum Fitness has the trained professionals and measurement equipment to help you track this.


  • Make your short-term goals attainable – Coming back to being realistic – do not set goals that are too demanding to attain. You shouldn’t be too easy on yourself either, by setting yourself up for failure will only demotivate you and make you hate the path you’re on.  A good Personal Trainer will lead you to the right goals.
  • Follow the plan – Once you and your personal trainer have drafted an exercising routine, stick to it. It is essential to develop the habit of working out and to become responsible enough to carry out your weekly or monthly plans. Trainers help you stick to the plan. 
  • Find motivation – Find a way to motivate yourself through every goal, over every hurdle, and towards final success. Make sure you’re doing this for yourself, not for anybody else, and be happy because of it. Your Personal Trainer knows how to keep you motivated.
  • Reward yourself – Finally, reward yourself for all the sweat you’re putting in. Once you successfully fulfill a monthly goal, treat yourself. Everybody needs a cheat day from time to time, and allowing yourself one after a month of hard work will only get you going stronger after it.

Where in Vacaville, CA can I find an experienced personal trainer to help me?

If you’re looking for personal training experts in Vacaville, you’d be hard pressed to more reputable professionals than those at Maximum Fitness Vacaville. We take great pride in helping our clients achieve their dreams.

While we may be closed right now because of Covid-19, don’t let that stop you from talking with one of our Trainers.  Give us a call, schedule a meeting and get ready to get fit when we reopen.  Plus, our Trainers will give you some tips for staying in shape while the club is closed.  Call us at (707) 447-0606.