Hypoxic Chamber

High Altitude Training at Maximum Fitness

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However, if you’re really looking to train in conditions that will push you to your maximum, we have Solano County’s only Hypoxic training Room! It's a low oxygen environment that simulates 9,000 feet (think higher than Tahoe).

What Is a Hypoxic Chamber?

A hypoxic chamber is an area of varying size that simulates high-altitude conditions. A Hypoxic room system senses the current ambient conditions of the area and distorts the oxygen profile, limiting the supply of oxygen to the chamber in order to simulate a high-altitude environment.

Simulated hypoxic conditions are designed to intensify the process of adaptation to altitude conditions. Hypoxic chambers are mainly used to enhance the performance of athletes, as well as prepare an individual’s body for functioning at higher altitudes.

Hypoxic training zones at gyms require the construction of a specialized room that is completely airtight to ensure adequate oxygen levels and are a popular option for professional athletes and regular gym goers alike, as they allow you to make all your exercising efforts a lot more efficient.

What Are the Benefits of Training in a Hypoxic Chamber?

There are many ways in which a hypoxic chamber can help you achieve your fitness goals. Let’s take a look at some of the major advantages of working out in a hypoxic chamber that do not only maximize workout results, but also provide other health benefits for your entire body.


1. Your body begins to work efficiently:

When you train in the hypoxic room at Maximum Fitness, you train your body to process red blood cells more efficiently and you increase your aerobic capacity. Your red blood cells will even carry any waste away from your body a lot more quickly when you train under simulated high-altitude conditions. 

This not only translates into more stamina and increased efficiencies of your muscles, but you will also boost your immune system, decrease your blood pressure, and improve your blood circulation.

2. Boosts red blood cell count:

Low oxygen environments help your body create more red blood cells and use them more efficiently. This means that the increased count of red blood cells fosters oxygen transfer throughout your body which, in turn, increases the amount of nutrients that your cardiovascular system supplies to your muscles. 

Then, when you play ball, run track, wrestle or just exercise at normal elevations, your body has an advantage over others who do not train at high altitude by maximizing oxygen circulations and nutrient distribution.


3. It even helped one of our members climb Mt. Everest

‍Training in a hypoxic chamber simulates real-life high-altitude conditions in the comfort of your local gym. If you truly dedicate your time to exercising in a hypoxic chamber, it can prepare you for a real-world expedition to one of the Earth’s highest summits – Mount Everest, or a trip to nearby Tahoe. 

One of our gym members has reported that training at our hypoxic chamber has helped him reach the top of Mt. Everest by showing him a glimpse of what would await at 29,029 ft. Although nothing can actually substitute the actual environmental conditions at more than 20,000 ft., a hypoxic chamber allows you to prepare your body for high altitudes. 

Where in Vacaville can I find a hypoxic chamber to work out in?

If you live in Vacaville or the surrounding area, and you’re searching for a gym with a hypoxic chamber to stimulate your exercising routine, you should look no further than Maximum Fitness Vacaville – the best gym in all of Vacaville & beyond! We’re conveniently located in downtown Vacaville, in the vicinity of Andrews Park, so you’ll have no trouble finding us.

We take pride in providing all of our clients with a wide array of workout options which helps us ensure that every visit to the club pays dividends. Feel free to check out the hypoxic training room at Maximum Fitness. It speeds up your workout, builds stamina and helps you get the edge you need!