7 Qualities of a Good Personal Trainer

There are qualities every personal trainer should possess if you’re hoping to achieve the fitness goals you’ve set for yourself. Working out alone can only get you so far, and you need the expertise and the experience of a personal trainer to get over the plateau you’ve reached.

But what are the traits you should look for when trying to choose a trainer in Vacaville to organize your own personal training sessions? What kind of an individual should you search for? Don’t worry, here come answers.

What red flags should I keep an eye on when looking for a personal trainer

What are the qualities of a good personal trainer?

Choosing a personal trainer to work alongside you for an extended period of time is no easy task, although it might seem so at first. There are plenty of gyms out there, most of them feature personal trainers, and one’s as good as another.

It’s not like that. There are certain characteristics that personal trainers must have in order for you to consider placing your fitness wants and needs in their hands. Now, let’s see about the qualities that make a great personal trainer, that you might be comfortable working with.

  1. Education - Credentials are certainly the first thing you should pay attention to when looking for a personal trainer. A great personal trainer should be well-educated and should have ample certification.
  2. Empathy - It is easy for personal trainers to lose sight of just how much struggle their proteges are going through, especially if they're just starting out. That is why you want a trainer who can feel for you and understand what you’re going through. 
  3. Patience - With empathy comes patience. Sometimes, it might not be your day, or even your week, or perhaps you simply can’t do that one exercise or that last rep. Yes, a personal trainer should push you, but they should also be patient enough to see you through it calmly.
  4. Communication - Also, your trainer of choice needs to be able to communicate their knowledge to you effectively. What good is outstanding education if a trainer is unable to convey it to you?
  5. Analyticity - Also, your trainer needs to analyze your progress, your ups and downs, and make changes to the routine, if necessary. 
  6. Adaptability - Yes, there should always be a plan in place, but sticking to it through thick and thin is not always the best possible option. That is why a personal trainer should be able to adapt to the current situation quickly.
  7. Preaching - That is, practicing what they’re preaching. How can a trainer hold you accountable, if there’s no accountability on their side? Yes, they too can fall prey to binging, but you want a trainer who acts like a trainer should!

What red flags should I keep an eye on when looking for a personal trainer?

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Again, as we’ve emphasized, finding a personal trainer that would be a perfect fit, pun intended, can prove rather difficult. It is prudent, therefore, to also know what the signs of “make a run for it” are when looking for a trainer. 

  1. No certification - Education is extremely important, and possessing formal certificates is essential for a personal trainer. If the trainer you’re considering does not have any, you should not think about working with them, no matter the experience.
  2. No assessment - If a trainer simply wants to dive in, without performing a detailed assessment of your current level of fitness and your desires, then you should think twice about hiring that trainer. 
  3. No plan - How do they plan on maximizing your gains without a plan in place, tailored to your specific requirements? The answer is that, without a customized plan, they will not be giving you the best training possible.
  4. No tact - Sometimes, even if a trainer does make a plan, that plan can exceed your current capabilities in such a way that it proves impossible for you to execute it properly. This often has something to do with poor assessment to begin with.
  5. Nutrition advice - Nutritionists exist for a reason, and it’s to help you devise a detailed plan of your dietary habits. Trainers might offer broad or general nutrition advice, but unless they have the necessary nutrition certification that allows them to provide specific advice, they should refrain from doing so. 

“Where can I find Vacaville’s experienced personal training professional who can meet or exceed expectations?”

As nerve-racking as searching for a good personal trainer can be, Maximum Fitness is here to make your search much easier. We’re proud of the personal trainers at Maximum Fitness, and their education and dedication is clearly visible in every session they perform.

Unfortunately, the ongoing pandemic leaves little room for dedicating oneself to personal fitness. You’re probably only looking to escape to Lagoon Valley Park or Andrews Park to clear your mind and get a little outdoor exercise. But, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t plan ahead. Contact us and let’s see when you’ll be able to start, or resume, your personal fitness.