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7 Tips to Lose Weight the Healthy Way

Obesity is a major issue in modern society. Every year, an estimated 40 million Americans go on a diet and spend billions on a variety of weight-reducing products. Despite honest and continual efforts and high motivation, many people struggle to achieve and maintain a healthy body-mass index. 

There is no magic pill, but it’s often enough to combine a balanced diet with sufficient physical activity. Also, it’s always a good idea to look for experienced professionals in Vacaville that offer customized weight loss workout plans. Let’s take a closer look at some advice that could help you on your journey to reduce body weight. 

What are the 7 tips for weight loss?

Shedding excess weight isn’t just about exercise or your diet exclusively. It's also essential to analyze other aspects of your lifestyle that might be the reason why you're still struggling with losing weight. 

Start by making small changes in all these areas – some of them may seem really simple and easy while others will require more effort. However, if you're determined to drop those extra pounds and improve your health, focus on the following 7 steps:

1. Cook meals and reduce snacks

It’s important to devote more time to cooking healthy recipes and avoiding pre-made solutions. You don’t have to become a master chef: learn to make simple cooked meals with balanced nutrients. 

Reduce sugars, increase healthy carbs, fiber, protein and fat. Plan your weekly menu to fit your training schedule and don’t skip meals. Be consistent and reduce unnecessary snacking between planned meals. 

2. Drink more water

You need to stay hydrated while working out and replace your other preferred beverages with water. You’re better off without high-sugar drinks. Also, control your intake of coffee and energy drinks. You don’t have to completely abstain from beer, wine and other alcoholic drinks, but keep track of excess calories that come along with them.

3. Stand up more

Don’t sit or lie down too much. If your everyday work requires sitting, get on your feet more often. Include short standing or walking breaks every 45 – 60 minutes. Although seemingly discrete, it’s proven that just walking around the office or your house can help you reduce body weight. 

4. Stick to your calendar

Avoid skipping your sessions and pick a schedule and regimen that is adjusted to your needs and general daily routine. Work around your plan and find enough time for recovery, entertainment, and sleep. 

Our bodies burn fat even when we’re resting. Besides, insufficient sleep is likely to cause a disruption in your schedule, making you less productive and under-energized. So, a healthy seven hours of rest is vital for an agile lifestyle

5. Curb your initial enthusiasm

Keep in mind the following: if it took you 3 months to pack 30 pounds of weight, it’s not likely that you’ll lose extra pounds in the same amount of time. Patience is an essential ingredient to successful weight reduction. 

If you’re eager to achieve too much in a short amount of time, you’ll quickly become exhausted and even discouraged to continue. To achieve optimal results and keep you motivated and healthy, you should start with shorter and less intensive sessions. 

6. Keep a log of your progress

Whether you’re a competitive spirit or a more laid-back individual, keeping a log of your sessions and how far you’re in the process is key to keep you motivated. Knowing how much pounds you have lost or how much strength you gained will give you a sense of control and boost your morale.

7. Have an exercise companion

It can be difficult to muster the willpower and hit the gym. When you’re a beginner, it’s best to have someone to go with, regardless if they have experience or not. Of course, it’s much more fun and stress-relieving to have someone to share your experiences with. In addition to mutual encouragement, you’ll also associate your training sessions as a responsibility to your partner, not just something you owe to yourself. 

Where in Vacaville can I find a well-equipped fitness center that renders weight loss workout plans?

As a resident of Vacaville, you don’t have to look far to find professional assistance to get your body in shape. Whether you live in the vicinity of Three Oaks Skate Park or anywhere else, you will find Maximum Fitness to be your go-to option. 

We offer a team of experienced and skilled Personal Trainers that have thorough experience with individual and group training. Here you’ll have a whole range of professional equipment that can help you accomplish your goals. You will be thoroughly assessed and given a tailored training plan that will improve your health status and boost your self confidence. Call us today and we’ll set up an appointment to get the ball rolling.