6 Risks of Exercise for Older Adults & How to Avoid Them

There are many risks associated with improper exercising techniques for older adults. It is important to know how much seniors should exercise, as proper exercising can help them boost their immune system. However, seniors should also be aware of all the exercises to avoid in order to minimize the risk of injury.

Minimizing the risk of injury is paramount for seniors, as the recovery process can take a long period of time. Seniors should exercise carefully even when working out at home. It’s important to exercise doing adequate low-impact workout for seniors in Vacaville. Let’s take a look at some of the exercises all senior citizens should avoid doing.

What exercises should seniors avoid?

As important as exercising is for older adults, all seniors need to keep in mind the current health and physical condition, and choose which workouts to do accordingly. The following are some of the worst exercises for the elderly:

low impact workout for seniors


Crunches are a very common exercise, but also one seniors should avoid. The back becomes very fragile as years pass, and crunches become increasingly risky, especially if performed incorrectly.

They can inflict painful injuries on your back muscles and joints. Even if done properly, crunches can cause problems with your spine due to repetitive motions. Opt for leg lifts and planks instead. 


There are several risks associated with squats if performed by the elderly. There is excessive pressure on knee joints, which can cause damage. Also, there is the possibility of losing your balance while standing up from a squat and falling. It’s better to stay away from squats than risk serious injury. 

Long runs

Deciding to start going for extended runs at a senior age is not the perfect time for it. Every step you take during a run places a significant weight of a person’s entire body on a single leg’s foot and knee joints. This can cause serious leg injuries that lead to great mobility difficulties. It’s always better to get similar cardiovascular benefits from an elliptical machine or a swim.

Leg presses

Utilizing a leg press machine can be very damaging to the majority of the elderly. In order to operate the machine properly, you need to lean back on a flat bench and push the weights with your feet. This can cause severe damage to the lumbar spinal disc by placing pressure on the spine and flattening it’s natural arch. 


Deadlifts are a bodybuilding favorite. They include lifting an impressively heavy weight off the floor. This is definitely not an ideal workout for seniors, as it is very tasking on the back, and it can also cause damage to arms and shoulders. Although some seniors with years of weightlifting experience can do them, the rest should stay well clear.

Stair climbs

Using a gym machine to march back and forth or doing the same on a flight of stairs is not a good exercise choice for seniors. It can be demanding in terms of balance, knee and foot joint pressure, as well as cause severe strain on leg muscles. It’s always better to find a different exercise for working your legs than to do stair climbs. 

low-impact workout for seniors in Vacaville

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