5 At-Home Workout Routines for Older Adults

There are many at-home workouts seniors can benefit from. Exercising at all ages is vital for a healthy lifestyle, and even the elderly should try to keep as fit as possible within their respective abilities. You should also combine regular workouts with different natural ways to boost their immune system and health. 

Finally, when exercising, seniors should pay attention to which workouts to avoid in order to minimize risk of injury. There are many workouts seniors in Vacaville can enjoy, so let’s have a look at the best. 

What is the best workout for seniors?

When you reach a certain age, keeping fit becomes more important than ever. Exercising on a regular basis will help you feel better both physically and mentally, but also help you keep your independence. 

However, when you pass the age of 65, you should think about choosing those exercises that will be gentle to your body while providing all the necessary benefits you need as you’re getting older. Here are the top 5 at-home workouts for seniors:

Chair yoga

Chair yoga is another excellent form of low-impact exercise that improves mobility, muscle strength, flexibility, and balance. It places a lot less stress on bones, joints, and muscles than regular yoga. Also, chair yoga can help improve the quality of sleep for the elderly. Some of the best chair yoga exercises are:

  • Seated twist
  • Seated mountain pose
  • Seated cat stretch
  • Seated cow stretch
  • Overhead stretch

Resistance band workouts

Rubber bands used in resistance band workouts provide additional resistance to regular workouts while applying reduced stress to the body. What’s more, resistance bands are an excellent way of exercising at home. They boost balance and mobility, improve posture, and strengthen the core. You should try out:

  • Band pull apart
  • Bicep curl
  • Lateral raise
  • Triceps press
  • Leg press


Pilates was developed more than a century ago, but it still remains a highly-popular form of low-impact exercising. It improves breathing, alignment, balance, flexibility, and strengthens the core. It involves doing exercises with a pilates ball and other inflated accessories. When doing pilates, definitely try:

  • Leg circle
  • Step ups
  • Food slides
  • Side circles
  • Mermaid movement

Body weight workouts

Losing muscles can be very debilitating for seniors. Severe muscle loss can lead to a decreased ability to metabolize protein and hormone problems. Gentle body weight workouts are excellent for counteracting muscle atrophy, and you can easily do them at home. You just need a couple of weights and a mat. Make sure you try the following exercises:

  • Side lying circles
  • Lying hip bridges
  • Bird dog
  • Step-ups
  • Squats to chair

Dumbbell training

Strength training is great for combating back pain, osteoporosis, and diabetes, and it will also help you keep your weight in check. It also provides improved glucose control and boosts metabolism. If you’re thinking of trying out dumbbell workouts, you can go with:

  • Front raise
  • Overhead press
  • Bicep curl
  • Triceps extension
  • Bent-over row

Whatever type of exercising you end up choosing, make sure you’re careful, and that you always begin alongside a Personal Trainer, even if you have to do it online. This will help you maximize your efforts while minimizing risk of injury, which is vital for the elderly.

Which gym offers the best workouts for seniors in Vacaville?

Under normal circumstances, Maximum Fitness Vacaville would be the perfect place for seniors to come and enjoy our perfectly-organized workout routines for the elderly. However, even when times are tough, we are here to help you maintain a healthy level of physical fitness. Spice up your walks through the Jack Hume Grove with regular exercising.

Our qualified and experienced Personal Trainers will organize a comprehensive at-home workout routine that will help you stay in good shape even during the pandemic. Contact Maximum Fitness Vacaville today and see how you can take advantage of our online training programs.