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Getting Fitter: How Do I Know if I’m Making Progress?

It is always great to see people working hard at the gym and making headway. Whether it is losing weight, gaining muscle, or just getting stronger, seeing someone put in the work and get results is truly inspiring.

Sometimes, what can speed up the process is tweaking your routine a bit or trying something new, like water aerobics. In Vacaville, CA, you have so many workout options, you just need to find what’s best for you.

If you aren’t sure about your own fitness progress, read on to get some insights into your workout journey.

How to track my fitness goals?

How to track my fitness goals

If you're trying to get fit, tracking your progress is a great way to stay motivated. By seeing how far you've come, you'll be more likely to stick with your workout routine. There are a few different ways to keep track of your progress:

#1: Keeping a fitness journal

If you like jotting things down and making lists, then writing a progress journal may be for you. This can be as simple as writing down what you did in each workout session, when you use heavier weights, or how many reps you’re doing. You can also write about how you feel after each session—whether you have more energy or whether you notice your immune system has improved.

Tracking your progress over time can help you see patterns and trends, which can give you ideas for further improvement.

#2: Using a fitness tracking device or app

Another way to follow your progress is to use fitness tracking devices or apps. They can track things like heart rate, steps taken, and calories burned. This information can help you see how and when you’re improving.

#3: Weighing and measuring yourself

Weighing and measuring yourself is sometimes a great way to check your fitness results. Make sure to have the right tools and equipment and that you always measure your progress in the same way at the same time of day.

However, don’t get discouraged if you don’t see any changes (or the changes you were expecting). Weight loss or weight gain isn’t always linear, and disappointing numbers don’t necessarily mean you aren’t moving forward in your fitness journey.

#4: Taking pictures of yourself

Taking pictures of yourself can also be a great way to see where you’re at. Comparing your before and after photos is usually motivating, especially if you’re looking to tone up.

Be sure to take pictures from different angles and wear the same or similar clothes so that you can notice the changes over time.

#5: Working with a personal trainer

A personal trainer can be of tremendous help when it comes to keeping track of your progress. They can help you set goals, stay accountable, and provide support and motivation. If you're exercising with a personal trainer, they will likely check in with you on a regular basis, which may include measuring your weight, body fat percentage, and muscle mass.

Working with a trainer also comes with other perks, such as steering clear of gym accidents and injuries.

Can a blood test tell you how athletic you are?

Can blood tests show how athletic you are

A blood test can tell you a lot about your physical fitness and how athletic you are. Typically, you can check for vitamin D and ferritin as they influence your athletic performance. If you want to know whether you’re overdoing your workouts or want to prevent an injury, check for cortisol and creatine kinase levels.

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