Gym Tips for Beginners: Kick It Off to a Good Start

You’ve made the first step and got a gym membership! Congrats! However, the thought of stepping into your new fitness center makes you feel awkward and extremely nervous. Don’t worry, this is a normal reaction for a newbie.

Luckily, we are here to help you kick it off to a good start and get the most out of the amazing, well-equipped gym that you’ve chosen to attend here in Vacaville. 

How do I start working out at the gym?

Before you go to the gym, feel free to take some time to research useful gym tips for beginners and get ready for what’s coming. Additionally, reading about other people’s experiences can help you realize what the undeniable benefits of exercising are and inspire you not to give up before you have achieved desired results.

Here is what you should have in mind when starting to work out at the gym:

Be realistic about your workout schedule

Invest in quality sportswear

Having a suitable pair of athletic shoes is simply a must if you want to be comfortable during your training and protect your joints. The same goes for the rest of your gym outfit. You should pick the appropriate fabrics that will allow the sweat to evaporate from the skin, without absorbing it and making you feel too sweaty. 

For example, nylon, merino wool, and polyester are very breathable and dry quickly. On the other hand, cotton may be more comfortable, but it absorbs moisture, making your clothes feel too heavy and wet.

Be realistic about your workout schedule

As a newbie, you may be super-hyped and think that you can manage to exercise every day. However, instead of trying to push yourself this hard, try to focus on long-term consistency. 

You also need to give your muscles time to heal between training sessions, especially since at the beginning you will get sore quickly. So, instead of pushing yourself to the limit and getting sick of exercising in a month, create a twice-a-week workout routine and stick to it.

Sign up for workout sessions designed for beginners

Finding a workout class that suits your abilities is crucial, so don’t be embarrassed to admit that you are a beginner. You might have gone rock climbing in The Nut Tree Boulders a couple of times, but going to the gym is a whole new level of physical activity. And, if your trainer is aware of it, they will do their best to adjust the speed and difficulty of exercises to your level. 

What’s more, don’t shy away from requesting more detailed instructions from your trainer, since doing your workout incorrectly will not only be inefficient, but it can also increase the risk of you getting injured.

Enroll in a personal training program

Joining a personal training program is a great way to enter the fitness world. These sessions are specifically tailored to meet your individual needs. The qualified professional will be by your side and ease you into the whole training routine. You’ll be able to set the pace of your workout and learn how to move each muscle properly to get the most out of your program and prevent injuries.

Keep it interesting -  try out different types of workouts

If you want to keep things interesting and get a well-rounded fitness experience, make sure to combine different types of workouts. By doing so, you’ll get a chance to discover what kinds of exercises fit your body best and which ones you enjoy the most. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Cardio training (walking, running, swimming, etc) -  as a beginner, you should make sure to switch between high and low-intensity intervals, so that you gradually build endurance and enhance stamina.
  • Weight training - designed to increase your muscle endurance and strength, improve bone density, build good posture and strengthen your immune system.
  • Flexibility training - instead of focusing solely on pumping your muscles, you should work on improving your overall musculoskeletal health. By introducing this type of exercise, you will increase your mobility allowing yourself to perform more demanding exercises.
Keep it interesting -  try out different types of workouts

Looking for a gym in Vacaville or the area?

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