The Dos & Don'ts of Gyms

While there are plenty of ways to be physically active, many people opt for going to the gym for exercise. Walking, jogging, cycling, and working out at home are all great. But a good gym in Vacaville, CA, can offer a personal trainer, specific equipment, and surroundings built specifically for the purpose of working out.

That being said, like all public establishments, gyms have a particular etiquette that determines how people should behave while in them. In the following article, we'll help you get off to a good start by explaining the essential dos and don'ts of American gyms. Read on!

What are the dos and don'ts while going to a gym?

If you’ve never been to a fitness center before, it may be smart to do some research beforehand. Knowing about the amazing history of gyms and maybe some fun facts about gyms is always great. However, you’ll need to gather some practical tips too. If it’s not your first time and you’re actually getting back into exercising, you can use this as a self-check before returning.

While every health center is slightly different, there are some rules the whole fitness community agrees should be followed. Fitness centers are still community spaces so the goal is for everyone that visits to have a pleasant experience. We’ll cover some dos and don'ts in the following text.

The dos

  • Have footwear that you wear only inside the gym. You should never enter the space in dirty shoes you’ve worn outside.
  • Take care of your personal hygiene. While sweat is normal and even expected inside a place where people only workout, having clean clothes and regular showers is a must. It’ll make you feel more comfortable, but also reduce the chance of unpleasant body odor disturbing other people.
  • Bring a towel or a few. You’ll need it to wipe off sweat, but also to use some of the exercise machines. If a machine is made so that it makes contact with a bigger portion of your body, you’ll want to put a towel on it first. For your own and other people’s comfort alike, you’ll want to avoid leaving sweat on the machine you use.
  • Listen to the staff’s advice and guidance. Trust their experience and good intentions. If they tell you something, please listen.

The don’ts

  • Hog the equipment. It’s normal that you’ll need a bit of time when you get your turn on a piece of equipment. But other people may need it as well, so try not to keep the items such as dumbbells to yourself for longer than you’re actually using them.
  • Play your music out loud. Most people like to listen to their favorite jams while exercising, but just because you love your music, doesn’t mean other gym goers do. Plus, many centers play their own music on speakers, and mixing of the two can create unpleasant noise for others. Wear headphones if you prefer your music to the one the gym plays.
  • Leave equipment out of place. When you take a set of weights, for example, you have to return them to their designated spot when you finish your sets.
  • Bother people unnecessarily. It’s completely normal to ask for advice, for someone to spot you, or even start a conversation during your workout session. However, people are there to work out primarily, so always respect their boundaries. Don’t interrupt people in the middle of a set, ask them to take out their earbuds, or start long conversations without checking if it’s okay.

Where do I find an expert Vacaville, CA personal trainer?

Starting a fitness journey can be an overwhelming experience. Luckily, there are always skilled professionals that can guide you through it and give you all the practical advice and direction you might need.

Educated personal trainers at Maximum Fitness, a life-changing fitness center located five minutes on foot away from the Town Square Library, are there to answer all your questions and help make your journey as effective and safe as possible.