4 Fun & Surprising Facts About Gyms

Although physical activity isn’t strictly limited to it, a gym is the most convenient choice as a place to work out for a lot of people. No wonder, since they offer many benefits like otherwise hard-to-find equipment and skilled staff. Before you head out to find a Vacaville, CA local gym and fitness center to join, we’ve got some interesting facts about gyms for you to read.

Did you know facts about gyms?

Being physically active has a direct impact on health and development, both physical and mental. And while the research on physical activity globally is alarming, it’s all the more reason for you to improve that aspect of life for yourself. 

While there are many ways to stay active, from morning jogs to biking to weekly sports games with your friends, gyms are still places with a long history and can offer a specific workout plan based on your needs and requests. Ahead are some interesting facts about gyms.

Only 1/7 of Americans have gym memberships

This number isn’t bad at all, especially since it includes the whole population, a part of which isn’t in a position to have a membership. Keep in mind, also, that not all the physical activity happens in fitness centers, and that there are plenty of people that are pretty active and at the same time haven’t ever stepped foot into one.

About 2/3 of gym memberships go unused

If you take a look at the total number of gym memberships, you’d think there isn’t that big of a problem with physical activity among the general population. However, more than half of gym memberships go unused. 

Some people optimistically sign up for one and just can’t find the time to actually attend, some are struggling with getting back into exercising, and some are pressured into getting one. 

Lack of time is the most common reason for not going

With so many gyms available, many wonder why it is so hard for some to find the motivation to go to one. And while the reasons are many, the lack of time is actually listed as the main reason why people don’t go to gyms.

It’s no wonder, with today’s pace of life, working hours, and other chores many people have. Exercise may make you feel energized and more ready for day-to-day activities, but finding the strength to go to the gym if you only have a few hours of free time each week is a hard task.

People go to gyms for reasons unrelated to working out

You’d think that a communal space with so many options for different kinds of exercise would be used only for that, but it appears that’s not the case. Many people actually go to the gym to find companionship, whether platonic or romantic. If you take a look at the dos and don’ts of gyms, bothering other gym-goers is a big no.

However, if you approach while respecting boundaries and don’t get offended if you get ‘no’ for an answer, meeting people at the gym is not inherently wrong. But, for your own sake, try to squeeze in a workout while you’re there too!

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