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Common Equipment Personal Trainers Use

Personal Trainers use various equipment, alongside their experience and expertise, to help individuals get toned, lose weight, and achieve other fitness goals they set for themselves. Different equipment is used for attaining different goals, so you can expect your Personal Trainer in Vacaville, CA to use several pieces of equipment while working with you. However, there is some common equipment the majority of Personal Trainers use on a regular basis. 

What equipment do Personal Trainers use?

Personal Trainers use various equipment to help individuals attain their fitness goals. This equipment has to fulfill certain requirements – it has to be functional, durable, re-usable, and, most importantly, safe for their clients to use. Here are the most common pieces of equipment Personal Trainers use. 

Resistance bands

Resistance bands are popular, portable, safe to use and extremely effective. Personal Trainers use whole ranges of resistance bands to exercise your entire body. They can work entire muscle groups and tone different parts of your body with ease, which is why they are a frequent tool at personal training sessions. 


While not exactly an exercising tool, most Personal Trainers should have a stopwatch. They are reliable, durable, and will help your trainer keep track of your progress, motivate you to do better and improve your times, and analyze room for improvement. 

Medicine balls

Medicine balls involve a very high level of trunk activity while moving through several planes of motion to minimize potential for injury. They are excellent for strengthening your core, but also for developing power through thriving and slamming exercises. What’s more, they are suitable for different types of training routines. 

Skipping rope

Skipping rope can seem to be extremely difficult to master, but taking the time to do so is worth it. Almost all Personal Trainers use skipping ropes at a certain point in their regiment, as they offer great cardio, improve your coordination and stamina, and they are very easy on the joints and muscles. Finally, skipping ropes can be used at all levels of training and are suitable for beginners and professionals alike. 

Suspension training equipment

Suspension training equipment is becoming more and more popular and uses a combination of straps and ropes to leverage your body weight as resistance. Suspension training is great for boosting the strength of your limbs and core, and it also boosts coordination and balance. And, all this while remaining gentle to your body. 

Stability balls

Stability balls are frequently used by many Personal Trainers. You will perform different exercises with a stability ball to improve your balance and core strength while also working other muscle groups. 

Battle rope

Battle ropes are great, but they can be tough to use, which is why almost all gym goers dread the mere sight of them. However, Personal Trainers love them as they are a great exercise for all the muscles in your arms and core and they are an excellent form of dynamic workout. 

Where can I find an experienced Personal Trainer in Vacaville, CA?

What equipment do Personal Trainers use

Personal Trainers make good use of varied training equipment and methods to help individuals lose weight and get fit. However, they also try to motivate individuals to keep working out until they achieve their goals, which is something not many people consider when thinking about Personal Trainers. Their job goes far beyond equipment and training, which is why you should always choose only the most experienced Personal Trainers to work with. 

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