Our health club has been designed to deliver the kind of exercise and fitness routine you are looking for and deserve. We have the absolute best equipment from Precor, Hoist, Life Fitness, Icarian, Hammer Strength, and much more.

We invest in new exercise training methods like our High Altitude Training Room, where you can train at 9,000 feet. We offer year around swimming including water aerobics, and our group cycling program is legendary for delivering a cardio exercise routine that is truly amazing.

We offer a variety of resistance training machines. Our full Nautilus circuit allows you to work your entire body as you go from machine to machine around the circuit, while our Viper rope trainer or cable machines from Precor or Freemotion allow for a more core-based workout.
At Maximum Fitness there are many options to choose from for a cardio and aerobic exercise. We have classes (ex. Group X), machines (ex.Treadmill, Stairclimbers, Rowers, Stationary Bikes) and the areas only Hypoxy Chamber. Whichever option suits you best, you deserve to Train Like a Champion!  
The Maximum Fitness expert training programs are personally designed and tailored to meet each individual clients needs. Learning how to move each muscle properly to prevent injury and increase muscle tone is crucial to our successful training program.
Maximum Fitness offers over 50 live weekly classes for all ages and abilities to meet your exercise needs. From Ab/Core conditioning to Zumba - our classes are FREE, scheduled at convenient times and led by certified fitness professionals. Come meet new people, while improving your health, in a fun and friendly environment at Maximum Fitness! Come in and Train Like a Champion!
At Maximum Fitness Vacaville our indoor pool stays heated to make sure you’re comfortable year round! 
Try Swim Lessons


Maximum Fitness offers several swimming programs for all abilities and ages. Our swimming classes are the best in Solano County and are offered year round.

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Our Kids Klub is the perfect place for your little ones while you workout. We provide a fun and safe play area with puzzles, books, games, arts & crafts, coloring and painting, G rated movies, and of course story-time. All of our child care attendants are CPR certified and the Klub is monitored by closed circuit television. We take great care for the safety of our littlest members, and only pre-approved adults or the person checking the children into the Klub may sign them out.

Monday - Friday
8:15am - 12:30pm 3pm - 8pm
Saturday & Sunday 8:30am - 12:30pm
Altitude Training
Maximum Fitness Vacaville has the only high altitude training room in the area. This system recreates oxygen levels found at nearly 9,000 feet and is large enough for a cycle and treadmill. Professional athletes know the benefits of training at high altitude, in order to build red blood cell count. Now you can do the same, without climbing a mountain, right here in Vacaville.
  • Improve Circulation
  • Strengthen Immune System
  • Stimulate Serotonin and Dopamine
Men and Women's locker rooms

At Maximum Fitness you'll find newly redesigned locker rooms featuring full size lockers, showers, a dry sauna and the restrooms. They also come equipped with all the basics like soap, hair dryers, paper towels and a bath towel service for your convenience. 

Tanning Bed

Maximum Fitness offers a tanning bed, so you can maintain a golden California look year-round.   


We offer saunas in both the women’s and men’s locker rooms. The sauna is the perfect place to relax after an intense workout as the heat helps relieve sore muscles and increase circulation, along with helping you sweat out toxins.

Smoothie Bar

Enjoy a fresh-fruit, hand-made, high protein smoothie shake! It is possible to get all of the daily protein you need through diet.  But, the amount you need can vary with your gender, size, daily activities, etc. So, if your diet is average and you exercise regularly, a protein supplement might be helpful.