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7 Warning Signs of a Bad Personal Trainer

There are many warning signs that indicate an unsuitable Personal Trainer, and you should pay attention to them when having a conversation with your potential Personal Trainer. Being familiar with all the red flags of an under-qualified professional will help you avoid the mistake of booking inadequate Personal Trainer services in Vacaville, CA. 

However, if you have no previous experience working with a Personal Trainer, it may be difficult for you to distinguish a true professional from an aspiring one that still has much to learn. Take a look at some of the most common telltale signs that indicate that you should keep searching for a Personal Trainer. 

What are the red flags to look out for in a Personal Trainer?

If you’re thinking of hiring the services of a Personal Trainer, you need to choose a true professional. Part of that process is being familiar with the red flags of a bad Personal Trainer. Here’s what you should look out for.

No certification

While a Personal Trainer without official certification from ISSA or another recognized provider can turn out to be a great choice, it’s not commonly so. Taking the time and putting in the effort to acquire the necessary certifications shows that your Personal Trainer is committed to their craft, and lack of it is a serious indicator of a lack of seriousness and dedication on their part. 

They lack motivation

You want a Personal Trainer who will be there for you to help you improve your routine during every single session, and not just leave you with a sheet of exercises you’re supposed to complete during a session. Why would you spend your money on someone who will not be there to provide advice, improve your form, and motivate you to keep going?

No proof

People can sing their own praises, and they often do so, but you should never hire a Personal Trainer who is unable to provide actual proof of the work they’ve done and the results they’ve achieved with other people. You want to see what they’re capable of, and this is the only way for you to get a glimpse of that. 

They design a program unfit for your experience

A Personal Trainer has to be able to design an exercise program that will be suitable for you and your level of fitness and workout experience. If you notice that your trainer is struggling to come up with suitable training programs and methods, you should consider another trainer. 

They cancel appointments

Cancelling a single appointment due to an unforeseen circumstance is completely OK and can happen to anyone. However, if appointment cancellation becomes a trend, rather than a sole exception, there’s no reason for you to continue. There are plenty of solid trainers who will be happy to provide the respect and training you deserve. 

No workout log

Monitoring your progress is important, and the only way to adequately do so is for you and your Personal Trainer to keep a workout log. There are different aspects to keep track of, such as gradually increasing the intensity of your workout and tweaking your exercises according to your results. WIthout a workout log, this becomes an almost impossible task. 

No explanations

You want a Personal Trainer who will explain everything to you, and not one that would intentionally keep you in the dark for fear of not needing them anymore. You need to know what you’re doing and why the trainer has you doing it. 

What is the leading gym in Vacaville, CA for comprehensive Personal Trainer services?

Hiring a Personal Trainer to improve your workout efforts is an excellent solution if you find yourself struggling to achieve your goals. However, this is only one of the advantages of hiring a Personal Trainer, as they will also help you stay motivated, push you over your limit, and help you get to the next level. They will keep your routines interesting and provide constant input to help you succeed. 

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