Losing extra weight is generally a great idea. It can improve your health, make you more confident, make it easier for you to move around, and has many other benefits. However, people have noticed that rapid weight loss seems to have an impact on their immune systems as well.

We all know people in Vacaville lose weight all the time and often only become healthier in the process. What can you do to ensure you’re staying healthy while on your weight loss journey? Keep reading to find out.

Does rapid weight loss affect your immune system?

In short - yes. Any changes in the body, including the good ones, can put stress on your immune system and weaken it. Having a weakened immunity can make you more prone to flu and infections. 

One of the reasons is that while you’re losing weight your body is using its energy for the task at hand. That leaves a bit less of it for the body to keep up its natural defenses. Another reason is that while you’re dieting, your body is learning to adapt to the different intake of nutrients needed to keep up your immunity than what it’s used to.

How do you bring your immune system back up?

No worries, there are many ways in which you can bring your immune system back up and keep it that way. Here, we gathered some useful tips on how to help preserve a healthy immune system while you’re losing weight.

Avoid extreme dieting

Extreme diets are diets that usually focus on eating only a certain food or type of food, and include extreme cuts in food intake. They have been very popular for the past few decades, and there are too many of them to count. They usually promise a rapid drop in weight in a very short time, which makes them sound very tempting.

It's one of the most common myths about weight loss that these diets are an effective way to lose weight. They are proven to be one of the least healthy and worthwhile ways to get rid of excess pounds. One of many reasons is that depriving yourself of a wide variety of nutrients you intake from different foods can make your immune system weaker, which can make you more prone to flu and infections.

These diets often result in the yo-yo effect, which causes you to regain weight soon after losing it. The focus should be on achieving and maintaining a healthy weight, long-term, and that’s why you’ll want to avoid them.

Add immune-boosting foods to your meals

There are many foods out there that can help strengthen your immune system. These foods contain vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that can help your body keep up its natural defenses. To keep your immune system healthy, you'll want to look into foods containing vitamin C, E, D and A, beta carotene, potassium, and antioxidants.

Some foods that we suggest you add to your diet are:

  • citrus fruits
  • spinach and greens
  • ginger
  • kiwi fruit
  • garlic
  • bell peppers
  • almonds and other nuts

Learning to make your eating habits healthier is not only important when it comes to losing weight, but also to keep your health in check in the long run.

Don’t forget physical activity

Most regimes focused on weight loss are based on a combo of changes in eating habits and a workout routine. When we exercise, the body uses excess weight as a source of energy. You'll see much faster results if you work out as well. More importantly - being physically active can keep us healthy in many different ways:

  • it strengthens your heart
  • helps prevent many kinds of diseases
  • improves mood
  • gives you energy
  • helps you sleep better

You’re wondering what physical activity you should start from and what would work for you? You could search for some summer weight loss tips to find out how to lose pounds easily in these hot months. 

Some people in Vacaville will stick to long walks or short morning jogs as a workout, others like to go and bike through Alamo Creek Trail, and there are those that prefer fitness centers and gym equipment. Whatever works for you is fine, it’s just important to move our bodies regularly.

Where can I start my Vacaville weight loss journey?

Weight loss is based on simple ideas, but we all know it can be a bit discouraging to see all the things you’ll also want to consider during the time you’re trying to lose weight. Changing your eating habits, finding out what type of workout works for you, being mindful of your mood, energy levels, immunity, and overall health, and then fitting all of it into your daily life sure sounds like a hard task.

Fortunately, there are trained fitness experts at Maximum Fitness Vacaville that you can always turn to for help. Consulting with us could make the process much easier. We are always there to answer all of your questions and help you achieve your fitness goals.