How to Incorporate HIIT Into Your Workout Routine

Characterized by alternating short bursts of intense exercise with periods of rest or lower-intensity activity, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) delivers maximum results in minimal time. This efficient training method not only torches calories but also elevates your metabolism, promoting fat loss and cardiovascular health. In today’s article, we’ll explore countless benefits of HIIT and provide practical insights on seamlessly integrating this powerhouse technique into your existing workout routine at your favorite fitness center in Vacaville. Get ready to unlock the full potential of your fitness journey! 

How do you mix strength training with HIIT?

Combining HIIT with your strength workout is a powerful strategy that brings together the best of both worlds, allowing you to build muscle, enhance cardiovascular fitness, and burn calories efficiently. 

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Efficient calorie burn

HIIT induces the afterburn effect, scientifically known as excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC). This means that even after your workout is complete, your body keeps burning calories at a higher rate. When combined with strength training, the calorie burn is further enhanced, making it an efficient approach for those aiming to shed excess fat. 

Muscle building and definition

Strength training is crucial for building and sculpting lean muscle mass. Incorporating HIIT into the routine complements this process by promoting fat loss, revealing the well-defined muscle underneath. Together, they create a balanced physique that encompasses strength, endurance, and aesthetics. 


One of the most appealing aspects is the time efficiency. Traditional strength workouts can be time-consuming, while HIIT allows for shorter, more intense sessions. The combination strikes a balance, making it feasible for individuals with busy schedules to achieve comprehensive fitness goals in a condensed timeframe. 

Designing your hybrid workout

  1. Prioritize compound movements. Incorporate compound exercises into your strength training. These multi-joint movements, such as squats, deadlifts, and bench presses, engage multiple muscle groups simultaneously, providing a solid foundation for your workout. 
  2. Integrate HIIT circuits. Introduce HIIT circuits into your routine, focusing on bodyweight exercises or incorporating elements like kettlebell swings, burpees, or box jumps. Designate specific intervals for intense effort followed by brief recovery periods to maximize cardiovascular benefits. 
  3. Balanced split. Structure your weekly workout plan with a balanced split between strength and HIIT sessions. For instance, engage in strength exercises targeting different muscle groups on specific days, interspersed with HIIT sessions for overall conditioning. 
  4. Progressive overload. Apply the principle of progressive overload to both strength training and HIIT. Gradually increase the resistance in your strength workouts and the intensity or duration of HIIT sessions to continually challenge your body and promote ongoing improvement. 
  5. Incorporate active recovery sessions. Instead of complete rest days, engage in low-intensity activities such as swimming, cycling, or yoga. These sessions aid in muscle recovery, reduce the risk of injury, and enhance flexibility. Active recovery also promotes circulation, helping to flush out metabolic byproducts from intense workouts, ensuring your body is prepared for the next challenging session. 

As with any fitness plan, it’s essential to tailor the intensity and exercises to your fitness level and goals. 

What is the best fitness center in Vacaville?

How do you mix strength training with HIIT

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