Advantages Of Summer Workouts

Maximum Fitness Vacaville wants to help with your Summer Transformation!  Take advantage of the benefits of working out this Summer and get out and enjoy your favorite outdoor activities or take that dream vacation.

You will drink more water - helping eliminate toxins

In the summer months, you sweat more and therefore require more water. Drinking more water helps to improve concentration levels, wellness and eliminate toxins that you get from excessive alcohol, bacteria, and refined sugar consumption.

Your body warms up faster

Very few people enjoy cardio so the fact that our bodies are already warm before we start working out makes any workout more enjoyable since we skip sweating on the treadmill and elliptical.

You're more motivated - extend and intensify your workout for that summer body

Ah, swimsuit season. With a consistent summer workout routine, you’ll feel more confident! Either seeing people on the beach or realizing that your summer body has to be ready right away, keeps you motivated to extend and intensify your workouts. Summer bodies don’t build themselves, and seeing your peers looking fit in swimwear gives you an extra push to hit the gym.

Summer workouts do wonders on your self-confidence and mental health

Exercise not only reduces anxiety but also helps regulate stress hormones in the body. Regularly working up a sweat can also reduce cortisol spikes. Working out can help with mental illnesses such as depression or anxiety. A good sweat won’t replace any prescribed medications but it can help you feel better regardless. Getting your heart rate up will boost your serotonin production which can help regulate and improve your emotions. Get your work done in the gym and go out and enjoy your outdoor activities like hiking, biking, running or swimming at the lake or ocean, you’ll feel the benefits!

You’ll Sleep Better

A good workout really helps your body relax, plus it’s hard to stay up past your bedtime when you’re exhausted from kicking butt at the gym. One word of warning though: you don’t want to work out right before bed because exercise can make you feel energized. Feeling energized at bedtime is pretty much the opposite of what you want.

Summer is the best time - hot weather, an air-conditioned gym, small crowds and the best offers from Maximum Fitness Vacaville!

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