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At Maximum Fitness we want to see our members achieve their goals! We provide the necessary equipment to help you build your strength! Strength Training is an important type of exercise that benefits your heart, improves your balance, strengthens your bones, and helps you lose weight all while making you look and feel better!

4 Benefits of Strength Training:

1. Strength training makes you stronger and fitter:

  • Strength training is also called resistance training because it involves strengthening and toning your muscles by contracting them against a resisting force. 
  • Isometric resistance - involves contracting your muscles against a nonmoving object, such as against the floor in a push-up.
  • Isotonic strength training - involves contracting your muscles through a range of motion as in weight lifting.

2. Strength training protects bone health and muscle mass:

  • Just 30 minutes twice a week of high intensity resistance and impact training was shown to improve functional performance, as well as bone density, structure, and strength

3. Strength training helps keep the weight off:

  • Strength training is helpful for weight loss because it helps increase your resting metabolism (meaning the rate at which your body burns calories when you’re just going about your day, not exercising).

4.Strength Training helps boost energy level and improves mood:

  • Strength training will elevate your level of endorphins (natural opiates produced by the brain), which lift energy levels and improve mood.


Essentials are learning different techniques to shock your body in different ways to prevent plateaus. Trainers and classes include, HIIT, Tabata and lots of Circuit training intervals to challenge you. TRX for suspension training. Great for all ages!