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Personal Goals

Featuring Ray Bernheim

A Diagnosis

In 2017 Ray was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. He was in disbelief. “I didn’t want to believe it, so I just went into denial and chose not to listen,” Ray said. His doctor suggested he alter the food he ate and to start exercising regularly. A friend recommended Maximum Fitness and before he knew it he was meeting with a personal trainer for his initial assessment and hasn't looked back.

Personal Goals

The Maximum Fitness personal trainers are all certified by a nationally accredited rating and certified company. Ray began working with his trainer in March of 2018. The initial goals they set together were to start with small lifestyle changes. The idea was to have Ray begin with his own accountability. He became committed to his health and wellness improvement right away and his trainer kept him motivated and on task. These became the habits that created Ray’s permanent change.

The Transformation

The training Ray received at Maximum Fitness has helped improve his overall health. The personal training staff is knowledgeable and dedicated to working with our members to reach their health and wellness goals. Ray now has more energy and is able to spend more time with his family. 

“I noticed that when I do chores around the house like yard work - something that used to take me 2 days to do, I’m able to get done in a day and it’s nice to have more energy,” Ray added. “It’s actually easier to sleep at night which is a definite plus.”

The Maximum Fitness trainers care about their members and they want to make sure people reach the goals they set for themselves. Maximum Fitness is different from other gyms in the fact that they have all the fitness equipment you’ll need and the staff are always willing to help.

The Atmosphere

The atmosphere is casual, but with an energetic vibe to it. You won’t see a social hour scene like some gyms. Everyone is there to work out and you won’t feel like anyone is pressuring you or standing over you because there’s plenty of weights, strength and cardio equipment.


“I would recommend Maximum Fitness to both friends and family as they have helped me achieve my goal of overall health,” said Ray.