Considering a Personal Trainer?

Most of us have considered hiring a trainer at one time or another. But, should you give it serious consideration? In this article, we’ll try to give you the encouragement and information you’ll need to decide.

Should you consider a trainer?

If you are self-motivated, have a good deal of experience, are expert at regular exercise, understand how to use the various pieces of cardio and weight training equipment and the importance of proper posture, weight limits and safety, then you may not need a personal trainer. But, if you are like most people, you fall short of at least some of these important points and might be a candidate. Some folks hire a trainer because they feel they need additional motivation. A good trainer will certainly provide that. Some people want to learn the right way to exercise or to learn the proper way to use the equipment. You would be amazed how many club members taught themselves how to use the equipment, and how many wish they had used a trainer early on. There is much to know about proper posture and form when lifting weights. Watching others to figure it out is not the best way. Learning the proper way to exercise is very important. Other folks are not seeing the results they want and so they turn to training to reach another level. All of these are sound reasons for consideration.

What can you expect?

If you engage a trainer that you respect, and you take their advice, follow their direction, and commit to the exercise regimen that they will provide, then you are very likely to have success beyond your expectations. Personal training benefits are numerous and there is a strong reason why the personal training industry has grown over the years; It works!

Trainers are coaches. They are going to coach you through your fitness journey and help you reach your goals more effectively, faster, and safer than you can by yourself. Football teams have coaches. Tennis players have coaches. Wrestlers have coaches. Golfers have coaches. Coaches are there to help you get more out of what you put in. Strongly consider putting a coach in your corner! The trainer will establish a routine based upon your current physical status and your goals.

How do you pick the right trainer?

The local health club is a great place to start and usually the most cost effective. If you’re already a member, ask about the training program. If you’re not a club member already, consider joining a gym or club and make sure they have a personal training staff.

The typical health club has plenty of equipment, all you need to do is find a trainer that you feel comfortable with. At Maximum Fitness, we have male and female trainers and they specialize in beginning through advanced training.

Start by checking out the bios at the club. You’ll find a history/resume of the trainers that you can read through that will help you find the right one. You should have a selection of male and female trainers, and all should carry at least one nationally recognized training certification which indicates that they have satisfactorily completed a curriculum which will provide them with the necessary knowledge to supervise safe and effective exercise. This is what you will find at Maximum Fitness Vacaville. Do not hire trainers that do not have a professionally recognized training certification. Believe it or not, some health clubs allow un-certified trainers to train in their facility.

Make an appointment with the trainer and spend some time talking with him or her. You want to make sure that their style is compatible with you. When you join Maximum Fitness as a member, you receive one free hour with the trainer to help you decide. You’ll want to understand how they train and their philosophy about exercise and diet.

Ask questions like; What is their style of training? What will they expect from you and how will they help you reach your goals? What are their certifications? Can they help you with specialized training like an old injury, for example? What is their availability and does it suit yours? Are they price competitive?

Do they offer ½ hour and 1 hour sessions? You may be able to make solid progress with ½ hour training sessions. And how many times should you train each week? This is a personal decision, based upon more than a few facts, but generally speaking, twice a week can show desired results. Again, this depends a good deal on your goals and time frame. Timing is usually part of the consideration.

Get Started!

Once you select a trainer, give them your undivided attention and be honest with yourself. You have to put in the time and take the direction, the trainer can’t do that for you. Don’t break your commitment and follow through with your plan.

After you’ve given it an honest effort, if you don’t think the trainer you selected is effective, or you just aren’t compatible for some reason, choose another trainer. No professional trainer will take offense if you want to move on. Just don’t let it stop you, stay committed, and don’t give up! You can do this!