Little & Strong

Your Children’s Safety

Safety is #1!~With our 10-1 ratio your children will always be well taken care of. We pride ourselves on creating a warm, friendly and fun environment. All of our Childcare attendants are CPR /AED certified, and must pass a background check before they are hired. We take pride in giving every kid the focused care they need.

For Your Support

With our am and pm Childcare hours, 7 days a week schedule we are always here to help. You should not have to choose between getting your exercise and running your family. Our staff provides plenty of exercise ensuring your child gets their too! We offer activities, games and crafts to get kids moving, playing and making new friends. Let us wear them out!, eating right and getting your necessary sleep. You will see and feel the difference when you train with them.

Our Recommendations

  • A great way to set yourself up for success is to establish a workout and routine. Your children will benefit by learning that keeping fit is part of daily life. They then in turn,  expect to come to kids klub and have fun. They will be great motivators to keep you on track!

  • When setting up these schedules you are also showing that a healthy lifestyle is very important part of daily living to your children. Children are great little sponges and they learn by example!

  • By setting aside designated workout time, you are showing your kids that exercising is a priority and you're making a point to instill healthy habits for you and your family.