Get To The Next Level

Featuring Jennifer Carrasco

Health Concerns

When Jennifer Carrasco started her fitness journey with Maximum Fitness Vacaville over fifteen years ago, her initial goal was to lose the extra pounds after having her child. She had gained over forty pounds and was not eating healthy.  

Jennifer actually became eclamptic during her pregnancy. Both she and her son almost lost their lives. The transition after giving birth to him, gaining the weight and dealing with the fact that her health wasn't very good at that time, pushed Jennifer into the realm of getting herself and her son healthy.

An Awakening

When she first began working out at Maximum Fitness, Jennifer ended up doing more cardio and Spinning just to lose that extra weight. She didn't really know much about health and diet. Soon she began gravitating more towards fellow members and enjoying her time there. Jennifer noted, “I began learning more about both cardio and weight training and also got to know people who encouraged me to push my fitness levels as well as change my eating habits.”

A New Life Goal

Jennifer then came up with a new goal in life. She decided to become an International Fitness and BodyBuilding pro figure competitor. She wanted to look her best when she stepped on that stage and soon began working with the trainers at Maximum Fitness. “They helped me focus and take a more disciplined approach to my fitness and physique and I really started to see positive results,” said Jennifer. The backing Jennifer received from Maximum Fitness helped her every step of the way in reaching her goal of becoming an IFBB pro figure competitor.

A True Lifestyle

Jennifer’s professional life is also about health, beauty and wellness. It’s what she does for a living and coincides with everything in her life. “Eating better and training makes me a better person. I live and breath a healthy lifestyle and continue to educate my whole family on exercise and a healthy diet. From the knowledge I’ve received from the trainers at Maximum Fitness, our lives have changed dramatically,” Jennifer said. She enjoys pushing herself to that next level or if she’s having a bad day and feeling a little aggravated or irritable, she knows that going to the gym will make her feel so much better. “I can push all the stress into the weights or cardio or whatever needed to make myself feel better, said Jennifer, I leave relieved and feeling good to go home and have a great evening!”

An Inspiration

Maximum Fitness has a wonderful family atmosphere to it. Everybody says hi and they encourage one another. Jennifer recalls, “I have had marathon runners at the gym come up and give me a hug, telling me that I helped motivate them to run their triathlon.”


Maximum Fitness goes above and beyond. They are always upgrading their equipment and offering the newest exercise programs, keeping their gym amenities fresh for everybody. “They have your best interests at heart. There is a true family vibe and Maximum Fitness Vacaville is there for you. I recommend Max Fit for anyone out there looking to get to the next level!” Jennifer concluded.