Group X

Maximum Fitness offers over 50 live weekly classes for all ages and abilities to meet your exercise needs. From core conditioning to Zumba - our classes are FREE, scheduled at convenient times, and led by certified fitness professionals. Fitness Director Dawn Wagner offers, “We have classes for every skill level. Come meet new people, while improving your health, in a fun and friendly environment at Maximum Fitness!”


From group strength training and TRX to boot camps and indoor cycling, your fitness instructor will challenge you to improve your mind and body.

  • Social Benefits - People Need People.  

You are likely to have more fun exercising in a group than working out on your own. Fitness classes are a wonderful place to make new friends, have adult conversations and discover solutions to problems as you talk with other participants before and after class.

  • Motivation Boost

Participating in a group exercise class challenges you to work out beyond your

perceived limitations. Our instructors explain the benefits of each exercise and coach you on technique which increases your reasons to safely complete the workout and keeps you returning to class.

  • Health And Form Benefits

Group exercise classes are available in a variety of workout styles. If your goals are

cardiovascular improvement and weight loss, select aerobic-based classes such as

Zumba, indoor cycling, Les Mills Body Combat or step aerobics. Select Les Mills

BodyPump, or boot camp classes if you also want to improve your muscular endurance

and strength. If flexibility is your goal, a stretching or yoga class is a nice option.

  • Accountability Support - Strength In Numbers

A group exercise setting helps keep you accountable to attend the class. If you are looking for motivation through high energy, checkout our Zumba and Body Pump Classes. Your instructor will challenge you to find the strength to push through the workout, and you’ll see your body tone change in this addicting, scientific, results driven workout!


“As soon as you enter the classroom you realize you are part of a team where everyone picks each other up. Our core instructors have over 100 years of combined teaching, motivating, listening and experience and have multiple exercise certifications. The bonds that are made in classes last for years and years. This is something truly unique to Maximum Fitness,” Dawn said.  

The fitness instructors will explain the benefits of each exercise, which increases your reasons to complete the workout, as well as, teaching you to use proper form.

Seniors Water Aerobics

We also offer aerobic workout classes for our Active Agers who love the water. The water provides an atmosphere in which joint stress is greatly reduced. Exercising in the water feels good, tones the muscles and improves cardiovascular strength with very low impact to the body. It is also great for seniors to meet new people, socialize and connect with others who have

similar goals.


“We invite you to discover new classes and try familiar ones, as you develop your fitness, create fun, lasting relationships, and achieve your fitness goals with Maximum Fitness!,” added Dawn.  

For our schedule on all Group X classes at Maximum Fitness: