Reach All of Your Goals in One Place

Featuring Drew White

Meeting Her Goals

Laura has achieved live changing results over the 9 months she has been with the personal trainers at Maximum Fitness. When she first started working with her trainer, she couldn’t even do a single sit up. It was even a challenge going up and down the stairs at her house. These were clues that she needed some help with her health and wellness.

“The trainers skills, patience, constant support in ensuring proper techniques, and challenging me to my highest abilities, have helped me lose almost 30 pounds and meet my goal weight,” Laura exclaimed.

Not only did she meet her goal weight working out with her trainer, she also developed muscles, stamina, confidence and most importantly - a belief in herself that she could do it!

The Trainers  

Our personal trainers are very positive and encouraging and strive to help our members try their hardest. You’ll find them knowledgeable and dedicated to making our members feel a real sense of accomplishment and be proud of themselves after every workout. The trainers also really help with nutrition plans and make sure you’re staying hydrated, eating right and getting your necessary sleep. You will see and feel the difference when you train with them.

Our Staff

As soon as you walk in the door you’re greeted with a smile and someone at the front desk asking how you’re doing. The staff is very friendly and truly care. In turn, our members have a really positive outlook on what they’re doing at the gym. They have more energy and feel motivated. It’s a good feeling!


“Maximum Fitness has been life changing for me and I would say most importantly because I feel so much better about myself and I feel like the people around me can make their lives better as well.” Laura added. “I would say I have lost the weight I wanted to, but overall it’s really about a renewed confidence and feeling better about myself.”