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Get Back to
What You Love

A Diagnosis

Eleven years ago Daniel Sanders was diagnosed with esophageal cancer. After 56 days in the hospital, his doctor told him to go out and live his life. Daniel’s friends recommended Maximum Fitness Vacaville and he’s been there ever since. “It’s definitely a community gym and they really care about you. Maximum Fitness has given me the ability to regain my life. They’ve made a difference in my life,” said Daniel.

Professional Trainers

Thousands of people have achieved life changing results with Maximum Fitness’ Personal Training Program. They help unlock the most effective ways to increase your fitness level, boost energy, shape up and achieve the personal goals you set.  

“The personal trainers at Maximum Fitness are knowledgeable professionals whose friendly instructions and advice have allowed me, at age 67, to return to the things I love. I’ve learned to use my core, legs and arms, in fact my whole body to help me with my favorite outdoor activities like cycling and alpine skiing,” Daniel added.  

People who exercise with a trainer or coach typically achieve superior results. At Maximum Fitness it is our mission to guide you every step of the way, for as long as is needed so that you can Give Your Life The Max!

All memberships include:

  1. Fitness Evaluation with a certified Fitness Professional
  2. Medical History and Structural Assessment
  3. Body Fat Analysis and Circumference Measurements powered by our state-of-the-art, InBody technology
  4. Detailed Goal Assessment, tailored specifically to you and your priorities

Level up with the right expert trainer for you.  Combined with our carefully chosen, world class equipment and top tier approach, our program gives you the game-changing edge you’ve been looking for!

You’ll train smarter… learn how to manage your workouts…

Experience next level motivation,

Reduce risk of injury, Improve body and weight composition...

Feel better and make the most of your valuable time for maximum, goal shattering results!

Keep Your Mind Sharp

Aerobic activity has long been said to improve the brain's function. Science shows that exercise boosts brain power – and may offer hope for the battle against Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

Even better than just aerobic exercise, such as walking on a treadmill, is participation in an aerobic class where your brain has to coordinate exercise patterns with movement, like step aerobics or dance aerobics or water exercise classes that include movement patterns. It’s like doing a puzzle and working out at the same time. Great food for your brain!

A True Social Network

Having friends is a reason to show up. And showing up is ½ the work. The Maximum Fitness Group X classes are a great was to make new friends with other people with others who are like minded and have similar goals. The social bonds created in the gym are amazing for our seniors and lasting. “The discipline that I’m developing is because my friends are going to be there,” noted Daniel.

We Are Here For You

Our Senior members know that the staff at Maximum Fitness is here for them. Our Group Exercise instructors are always helping to educate seniors on the importance of exercise. “What makes the classes special are the instructors. They change the routines for different muscle groups and each instructor brings a different approach and way of challenging you,” said Daniel. We encourage our Seniors to try different classes, to meet with a trainer for their specific goals, to get out of the pool, to add some weight bearing activity to their fitness routines - and we are there every step of the way when they need help. We offer classes suited for extremely active-agers to those with arthritis and limited movement. In group exercise our motto is “Just Move” and “Don’t worry about what you can’t do, do what you can.”

Give Life The Max!