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Take on
The World

Featuring Chris Vasquez


Chris Vasquez will turn 40 this September and has and is working towards being in the best shape of his life. He wants to naturally gain muscle and tone his body with a mix of strength weight training and cardio endurance. “My goal is to maintain muscle tone and I rely on Maximum Fitness Vacaville for a healthy balance of strength and endurance training. I'm constantly gauging my progress and monitoring my diet and exercise routine. Thanks to the team at Maximum Fitness I am really noticing the results,” said Chris.

Positive Atmosphere

Maximum Fitness is a safe, clean and positive environment where they are there to help you reach your goals. The personable staff makes an effort to learn your name and the instructors truly care about what they are teaching. These things really make Maximum Fitness a unique place. 

“When I walk in the door, there's always someone there to greet you and it's a familiar face and it's someone who knows your name or knows that you work out there. They make sure that they make eye contact with you and it’s a really positive feeling these days because we're so used to being connected to our devices that almost no one makes eye contact anymore. So even such a little detail can make you feel very welcome and gives you a good feeling,” added Chris.  

Maximum Fitness has a true sense of community. “I see my third grade teacher and several longtime friends working out on a regular basis so that makes me feel like it’s my community. I love that the variety of members. It’s such a full spectrum that everyone is accepted at any level to reach their goals,” noted Chris. The gym is also centrally located in downtown Vacaville and always gives back to local organizations in the city. A healthy city is a thriving and happy city!

Cycling Class

Chris looks forward to the challenge of cycling classes each week. I go to class every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and the instructors are so encouraging and teach with such enthusiasm that I feel like if I gave up and walked out of the room like it would be horrible. They are so great at keeping you excited and keeping the energy level up and members really gravitate toward that and don't give up,” said Chris.


Everyone at Maximum Fitness has an opportunity to reach their goals. They want you not only to meet your individual fitness goals and look great, but also feel good about life. Chris added, “My goal is to feel good. I enjoy life more and I have a more positive outlook. When I leave the gym after a great workout I feel like I can take on anything. I can take on the world!” 

The people at Maximum Fitness are very encouraging and will challenge you to get involved and take classes, or work with a trainer and really try to achieve your goals, whatever they may be.


Let Maximum Fitness Vacaville take you away from your normal routine of life and give you that time for yourself. Work out your body, but you take your mind off of the stresses of everyday. “Whether it’s your career, your job, your kids or your relationships and everything that's going on in your life, you walk out through those doors after a fulfilling workout and you go to work feeling really connected back to your your core human self and can open your mind to new things. There's so much that can be done at the gym, so many different exercises and so many different machines, classes and people. It’s the people that make the difference there,” Chris concluded.