Balancing Work and Fitness

Finding the perfect balance between work and fitness can be a job in and of itself. We think to ourselves, “How do I get in a full workout after a hard day of work in the office?” This thought often evokes more stress than it’s worth which results in us skipping our much needed workout. Not everyone's balance between work and fitness appears the same. The trick is to find your own equation based on your everyday level of activity and stage of life.

Find Time

Whether it is before or after work, you should try to find time to work out. Studies show that people with a higher degree level tend to exercise more than those with a lower degree level. You don’t have to set aside several hours everyday for an exhausting workout. Some workouts only take 25 - 30 minutes! People also worry about losing what little energy they do have by exercising; however, surveys show that people who workout report feeling more energetic than when they don’t workout. As difficult as finding time might sound, the way you feel after will make it worth it. To quote the famous Elle Woods, “Exercise releases endorphins. Endorphins make you happy.”

Find Motivation

Motivation can be found in the most unexpected places. What do you hope to achieve by working out? Do you wish to be more flexible? More toned? Lose weight? Or just be more active? In today’s society, people have reported the most motivating feeling is competition. Finding motivation can be achieved in thinking and answering these questions yourself! No one can answer these questions for you. Only you can motivate your body to do what you want it to. A very wise person once said, “Your mind will quit a thousand times before your body ever will. Feel the fear and do it anyway.” Scientists have continually found that when someone writes their goals down they’re more likely to accomplish it. Find your motivation. Write it down. Place it where you will see it often. Lastly, ACHIEVE IT!

Find the Place

Over 54 million Americans have a gym membership or attend a health club. Maximum Fitness offers personal trainers as well as fitness classes and individual workouts for those who wish to pursue an interest in exercise and fitness. MaxFit also provides Fitness Challenges for its members. In 2019, a current fitness trend is known as HIIT- High Intensity Interval Training. The trainers at Maximum Fitness are aware of this and have multiple different exercise options waiting just for you!